Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sports Romance Challenge Link Up


Woohoo!!! It's time for the Challenge! 

Ladies this is where you'll link up your January reads. 

For each challenge book you read and review this month come back here and link it up in the linky list below. If you have any trouble leave me a comment or email me. I can go in and edit the links submitted so no worries!


Oooo and I've got a sports romance freebie for yall!! I'll try to post them as I find them on our Facebook page for yall. If you find any let me know and I'll share those as well.

This one is by VK Sykes (Vanessa Kelly with her husband)...

Happy Reading Ladies! Can't wait to see what yall are reading for the challenge :) Feel free to leave comments and chat about what you're reading, ask others for suggestions, etc. We want yall to have fun and enjoy the challenge so have at it :)

Want to know more about the Challenge?? 

~Read books with a hero/heroine that's into sports
~Review the book (on a blog or Goodreads)
~Link those reviews into our linky list each month
~and WIN prizes!!

The deets:
  • If you'd like to join in the goal is to read at least 6 "Sports" Romances in 2013 but you can read as many as you'd like!
  • Everyone's welcome to join! You either need to have a blog or Goodreads account to post your progress/reviews (both are FREE, if you need help setting up let me know)
  • The challenge begins 1/1/2013 and ends 12/31/2013. Yall can join up any time though!
  • There will be a post the 1st of each month here on herding cats & burning soup for you to link your reviews in for the the month. 
  • Books can be used in other challenges and ones in other challenges count here too as long as they're sports related!
  • Reviews in languages other than English are fine :)
  • You can participate each month or here and there :) Just have fun with it and stop by when you'd like!
  • Feel free to grab our button and add it to your sign up posts, blogs, reviews, etc
The Books:
  • The books don't have to be all about sports :)
  • Just a hero/heroine that is an athlete
  • Need some ideas?  Check out these Goodreads lists...
  • Can be ebook or print, Novella or full length, stand alone or part of a series, PNR/historical/contemporary, etc.
  • The sports: Auto racing, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, running, biking, etc. They're all fair game :)
Challenge Levels: 
  • The Tailgater:          6 books
  • Sports Lover:          12 books
  • The Die-Hard Fan:  26 books
  • Total sports nut!      52+ books
The Prizes: 
  • I think we'll do two giveaways (6 months, 12 months) with the event. Maybe 3 or 4. LOL
  • Each valid review you link up will count as an entry in the giveaways!
  • I'll have to let you know on prizes but they'll be books & swag from authors I meet this year!
To Sign Up: 
  • Head over to the SIGN UP page and enter your info.
  • Make a post about joining the challenge on your blog (or if you don't have a blog on FB, etc)
  • Let us know you're joining in!!
  • You can join any time during 2013!
Got Questions? Let me know? 

Month One Link Up...


  1. ^^ it would be great if you shared those freebies here too for those of us who don't have facebook^^ ( and also it would be clearer i think if it was in a kind of post it post ^^;;)

    1. I'll keep adding them to the Friday Finds post each Friday Miki :) A lot of the ones I post to the Facebook page are freebies for less than a day. If they're still free on Friday I try to remember to add them there.

      I'm not sure how to do go about adding the ones on here that are short term. Maybe adding them into the main sign up page? Or keeping a list going on each monthly link up? So in this post there would be a section I could add and delete as I need and yall could check in from time to time? Would that work for you? I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with on this end :)

    2. that would be excellent!

  2. I just remembered the Kate Angell Richmond Rogues series. I have them all sitting on my shelf. I bought a bag of books once and the first one was in it. Then I won the last one. haha So of course, I had to get the rest. I read the first one and I did like it. So I am happy. But do I call these TBR clearing books or sports books?? LOLOL lisakhutson at cox. net

    1. LOL if they're on your TBR pile and they're sports related you can use em for both :D I'm doing that with some of mine!

  3. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to link each book up at a time when I review them or all at once. I linked my review for Hardball, but if that was wrong jsut delete it and I will do it the right way! lol Should I link my goodreads shelf with all the sports ones I review?

    1. Linking each individual one is perfect Penni :) That way I can easily see how many times to enter your name :) You can link them as you go during the month or all at once it's up to you :) But this one was great! I'll check out your review when I get into work. Gotta run let the pups out now :)


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