Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TBR Pile KnockOut (1)

Hi ladies and gents! We're doing something new in 2013 with one of our favorite bloggers! 

We hope yall will join in with us! Check it out below. And no worries, you don't have to be a blogger to participate!!


TBR Pile Knockout is a weekly meme hosted by Ana of Beach Bum Reads and Anna of Herding Cats & Burning Soup. This meme was created to tackle our HUGE and STILL GROWING TBR piles. 

We will be posting EVERY Monday for the rest of the year. Our goal is to make a rather nice dent in our TBR piles. So, aside from our other lovely reads, we will be making sure ONE book out of our TBR pile will be read :) 

Want to join in? Check out the rules:

1. Go to your TBR pile and randomly pick one book off your list!
  • We'll be using random.org to pick our reads.  
  • Type in the number of books in your TBR pile where it says "MAX"  
  • Then click generate and it will give you your randomly selected book!  
  • NOTE: If the book chosen via random.org is part of a series, you can go ahead and read the first book in said series. 
2. Come back here each week (or however often you'd like to join in) and link up your "TBR Pile Knockout" post in the linky below!
Don't know what to write in your post? You can Add the cover for your book, the book summary and details (author, publisher, etc.), you can leave a line or two on how long that book was sitting in your TBR Pile, or just tell us what you think about starting this one! You can always add in a review for your last pick too!

Don't have a blog? You can still join in! Just link in your Goodreads reviews or add link the Amazon/B&N page for the book and leave your thoughts in a comment on this page :)


My pick this week is by Marquita Valentine who we featured here not too long ago. It's the introduction novella to her Holland Springs series and only been on my tbr pile a short time but it was one of the freebies I picked up.

In order to get the attention of Christian Romanov, Hollywood's latest British import and newest bad boy, Zoe Ambrose disguises herself at a masked ball as a woman named Amber.

She has seduction on her mind and Christian is the target.

Christian Romanov, heir to a mineral and oil conglomerate, has chosen acting as his latest insult to his uptight family. Despite excelling at his new profession, it doesn't fill the void in his soul. Then he meets the mysterious Amber at a masked ball and his world is flipped upside down.

Get Your *FREE* Copy:    Amazon   B&N   Smashwords

So are you taking the challenge? Which book are you knocking out this week?

Link title= the name you want displayed
URL= the link to your post or the book you read!


  1. good luck and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Miki! Happy New Year to you too!! Hope it's a great one for ya!

  2. I can't wait to see the reviews you bring us with this. :)

    1. LOL we'll it'll be interesting I'm sure! I'm going to try to only use the freebie books I've picked up and I've grabbed some...interesting titles over the years ;)

      Feel free to join in Leah and grab one off your shelf!

    2. Reading one now that's been on my TBR pile. I'll come back Monday and put a link for the review. Is it okay if some of these books were written years ago? My TBR pile is "per-ty" huge. LOL!

    3. You're good. They can be from any time :) Some of mine are reeeaallll old too. LOL

  3. It is my goal to knock out one TBR pile book per month.
    I am making a goal of reading one book per week over all.
    The TBR knock out book will be one weeks book per month.
    So Ana or Anna, if you want me to fill something in somewhere,
    tell me what. Remembering, I am a total techtard....haha
    But I determined to read more and whittle a little off my
    enormous TBR pile!!
    lisakhutson at cox. net

    1. LOL Lisa you always make me laugh :D All you gotta do is pick your book then up in the link up list up above you can link in the book's amazon/goodreads info so we can check it out. Or if you'd like to do a review of the book you can link that in or just make comments down here about what you've read :)

  4. Lol every book I read is one of my TBR. So that sounds like a lot of work, especially as I am a very big mood reader. I pick a genre based on my mood, and then an author.

    1. LOL mine too actually but I figure I'll add one randomly picked one in and get them done. I'm pulling from my ebooks which I never pay attention to. So many freebies and boy do they add up.

      Oh yeah would be much harder if you were a mood reader!


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