Saturday, June 1, 2013

TBR Pile Knockout (8): Okay, so that was...unfortunate..and June's Pick!

TBR Pile Knockout is hosted by Ana of Beach Bum Reads and Anna of Herding Cats & Burning Soup to tackle our HUGE and STILL GROWING TBR piles.

The 1st of each month we'll be posting our pick for the month with our goal is to make a rather nice dent in our TBR piles. So, aside from our other lovely reads, we will be making sure ONE book out of our TBR pile will be read :)

Want to join in? Check out the rules:
  • Go to your TBR pile (any list is fine) and randomly pick one book off your list any way you want!
  • Come back here every month (or however often you'd like to join in) and link up your "TBR Pile Knockout" post in the linky below! [posts can include anything, cover, if you're excited about the pick, a review, etc]
Don't have a blog? You can still join in! Just link in your Goodreads reviews or add link the Amazon/B&N page for the book and leave your thoughts in a comment on this page :)

Well, May's pick turned out to be rather... unfortunate. This one just wasn't for me. It had a great set up with them on opposite sides of a legal battle to save or destroy an old building belonging to their grandparents. And it was a quick read with a great setting and cute cover. But that's really about all it had going for it.

I'll have a review up at some point but it just wasn't believable. They were all over the place emotionally, confused orgasms with "true love" and the big misunderstanding just made my eyes cross a bit. But yay for having one more off the tbr pile! Woot! And on to June!

 But. If you want to give it a go.... Amazon Goodreads
  June's Pick!

Oooo this one is actually one I wanted to try. It's a short story prequel to Binding Arbitration which I read last year and enjoyed. It's a sports romance too so yay can use it for the Sports Romance Reading Challenge. Woot!

So, what's on your tbr pile for June? Feeling daring enough to pick one randomly? You can pick from whatever pile you want. I pull mine from a FREE only list of books I've gotten. Want to pull from your review books? Or from only your historicals? Feel free!

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