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A Beautiful Distraction (Hard Feelings #3) by Kelsie Leverich

"One of those achingly beautiful stories that had me completely wrapped up and absorbed from page one." ~herding cats & burning soup
First Sergeant Rafe Murano did everything to the extreme. He trained harder, he fought harder, and, unfortunately, he loved harder. And falling for the wrong woman nearly destroyed him.

Home from a deployment, and without his missions to consume him, Murano is ravaged by memories of his heartbreak. So he drinks until he’s numb and drowns himself in meaningless one-night stands. But they only take the edge off…

Until he meets Fallon.

Haunted by her past, Fallon Kelly knows all too well about the desperate desire for an escape. So when she sees the tatted-up bad boy who’s one punch away from a ride in the back of a squad car, she offers a distraction—one that quickly becomes an addiction.

Little does she know, this bad boy can love so hard, it can break her…

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5
Cover: Amazing. Love it!

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I'm completely falling for Kelsie Leverich and the world she's created with this series. A Beautiful Distraction one of those achingly beautiful stories that had me completely wrapped up and absorbed from page one as a broken and barely holding it together Rafe finds salvation in the arms of an Ice Queen that's tough as nails and desperately needs someone to break down her walls.

So, Fallon and Rafe. It...was not insta-love for me with these two. They took me a some time to get used to. I was loving the writing and the storyline but I just wasn't feeling them exactly. I'm not even sure when it happened but the two completely won me over. They snuck the heck up on me and after that I really wasn't ready to let them go.

Fallon's a bad ass heroine. She's made a life for herself despite being abandoned and kicked out of her home when she was younger. She fought back and made something of herself and she's a bit of an ice queen because of it. She won't let people close because if people get close...they can hurt you and will no doubt turn their back on you. So she throws herself into the burlesque club she owns and makes do with sexual encounters that are just that. Encounters but nothing emotional. And that's how she likes it until Rafe shows up and gets under her skin.

I really didn't think I'd like Rafe at the beginning. He's been nursing a heart break after his married girlfriend (yeah) broke up with him. And I don't know. I just wasn't prepared to like him. But I did. He, again, snuck up on me. He's hurting so much and it was hard to see him suffering so badly. He's also one that loves passionately. Everything he does is full force and he's just a sight to behold. And sexy as hell when he's laying it all out there.
He loved the sight of a woman in a kitchen. It wasn't a chauvinistic thing. Not at all. It just reminded him of good. It reminded him of love. Everyone had stupid shit that reminded them of a way they felt at a particular time, and a woman in a kitchen reminded him of early mornings as a kid. Waking up for school and moping down the hallway into the kitchen and seeing his dad drinking his coffee as he hovered behind his mom, helping her make breakfast. It was one of the sappy memories that portrayed what should be. The small, everyday kind of love.

It would probably void his man card and make him a pussy for admitting this, but he wanted that love. The kind that had a man wrapped around a woman's finger at the sight of her messy hair and the red sleep marks indented into her cheek when she woke up. The kind of love that made a man call in sick to work so he could throw her back in his bed. The kind of love that could turn a man on just by watching her walk around in his shirt. The kind of love that could make a man drop to his knees.
These two together. They were something else. Both are just...broken emotionally and making their way through life the best they can. They've been successful and are dedicated as all get out but their lives are messy and they aren't always great at keeping it together or keeping the hurts they have locked down tight. I really liked them together and how they helped bring out the better sides of the other. The chemistry is excellent and damn the sex scenes are incredibly hot and sexy. Fan yourself good!

My only complaint had to do a bit with the writing. The story flows and is lovely but now and again word usage was Example-- "She fell easily into the crook of his shoulder and he sheathed around her as she tucked in tight" Hrm. Just places where it took me out because of odd phraseology.

Other than that I loved A Beautiful Distraction. It was an incredibly touching romance I just couldn't put down. At this point I'm definitely a fan of Leverich and won't hesitate to grab up anything she puts out.

Have you read Leverich?
Ever had a character or characters sneak up on you and have you 
falling for them when you just didn't think it was possible?

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