Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quote-tastic (56)--What are you...2?

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So. This week's pick is a new to me author Rhyannon Byrd. These two were something else. Alex is basically put on the task of being Brit's bodyguard and she's...less than thrilled with the plan since she pretty much loathes him. Ahh and of course their are fireworks between them and it's delicious. But not quite yet. This scene just had me busting out laughing. It's out early June and so so good!

At the sound of the doc setting her keys down on the small table in the entryway, Alex turned around, watching as she set her purse down as well, then just stood there, staring back at him, looking a little flustered, a bit lost, and a whole lot irritated. "I'm, um, going to put on some coffee. Feel free to take a seat until I get back, at which point we're going to finish this argument." She started to head toward the archway he assumed led to her kitchen, then stopped and glared at him over her shoulder. "Don't touch anything," she warned him with a chilling stare. "I hate assholes messing with my stuff."

Thinking that she really needed to see someone about having the stick removed from her backside, Alex waited until she'd disappeared into the kitchen, then started touching all of her knickknacks on the end table that was closest to him. Then he stopped and shook his head at himself. Seriously, what was he, two?

"Woman's already driving me crazy," he muttered under his breath, a scowl forming between his brows as he took a seat on one of the comfortable sofas.  

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