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Mistress by Amanda Quick

After a year of grand adventures touring the classical ruins of Italy and Greece, Iphiginia Bright returned to England to discover that the real excitement was at home. It seems that her Aunt Zoe has fallen victim to a sinister blackmailer and only Iphiginia can hope to stop the culprit before he can do more harm. Her plan is inspired: Imitating history's most legendary beauties--Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Aphrodite--the former schoolmistress will remake herself, and descend upon London Society as the dazzling mistress of Marcus Valerius Cloud, the infamous Earl of Masters.

Rumors hint that the Earl has disappeared at the blackmailer's hands, and by posing as his unknown mistress, Iphiginia is convinced she can ferret out the villain. Overnight, Iphiginia is transformed into a vision with a host of eager admirers, including one she does not expect -- the Earl of Masters himself, who strides into a shimmering ballroom one evening to cooly reclaim his "mistress". He is everything they say he is... arrogant, attractive, devastatingly seductive, and Iphiginia can't help but be enthralled. But when Marcus agrees to play along with her charade, she doesn't know that the determined earl has plans of his own: to tease and tempt her, until the beautiful deceiver becomes more than his mistress in name only.

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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I just love Amanda Quick. She's one of my comfort authors and the first I binge read when I started reading a few years back. They've got it all. A bit of mystery and danger, a bit of romance and humor, unique characters that are a little quirky and entirely lovable. They're just fun, light reads and Mistress definitely hit the spot with all of the above.

The quick of it is that Iphiginia--yeah weird name, right?-- decides to pretend to be the mistress of an Earl--one she's never met and she thinks is dead-- so she can infiltrate society and try to draw out the person blackmailing her auntie. And of course--much to her dismay--the 'missing' Earl decides to show his face and claim his "mistress". Ahh the best laid plans.

Iphiginia and Marcus were a lot of fun. They're both pretty stubborn and hard headed and they tend to go at it about who's right, etc and it's just kinda snort-worthy as they go about pretending to be a couple and solving the blackmailing mystery and, of course, falling in love. He's got the broody thing going on and she's got the feisty innocent thing happening. And it works for them. They're just cute in how they exasperate each other. The romance was fun and the ending perfect for them and who he was.

One of my favorite things about Quick are her deflowerings. omg she has the BEST deflowerings. They're always an absolute disaster and rather funny because of it and just make me chuckle and snort. It was a bit ludicrous this time around but really for the time period and lack of any experience I could see it happening.

All in all, a fun and light historical romance. It took me a little while to figure out the mystery and in the end, while this wasn't my most favorite of Quick's books I really liked how everything fit together with both the mystery and the romance.

Have you read Quick? Do you have a favorite? 

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