Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quote-tastic (53)--Just not gettin' the hang of it...

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Today is a new to me author--review will be up later today. So in this one we have what amounts to a mail order bride and the American West in it's wee days. It was a great read and I'm so gonna be reading more from Goodman. Anyways. In this scene the hero and heroine have been cornered by two of the town's boys who are rather chatty and cheeky and just too cute. I loved all of the scenes with them :) This little reply from him totally had me smirking.

She told the boys, "We are going back to the Pennyoral. Would you care to walk with us as far as the schoolhouse? Mr Longstreet has been telling me about your town." As an exaggeration, Jane rated it as somewhere between mild and moderate.

"Sure," said Finn. "Me and Rabbit know a lot about Bitter Springs."

"Rabbit and I." Jane said automatically.

Finn screwed his mouth to one side and shook his head. "I'm just not gettin' a hang of that one, Miss Middlebourne, and you ain't the first to point it out. Mrs. Bridget bemoans it real regular-like. So does the marshal, come to think on it." He shrugged. "C'mon. Which side of the street did you come down? We'll go up the other. That good with you, Mr Longstreet?"
He just tickled me with his reply. And it totally reminded me of my gramps when I was younger. Can and May. Yeah I was with Finn. I just wasn't gettin' that one. lol

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