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Well hello-s! I'm gonna talk about...mwah today! Heh. Christy over at Christy's Love of Books tagged me in this one (if you don't follow her you so should) and I figured...why the heck not. I'm always up for sharing my quirks (ex--letting yall interview me a while back lol).

So. Here goes. Some of my reading quirks and foibles....
What are your top 3 book pet peeves?
  • Follow through. And things being forgotten...where things should not be forgotten. *pinches bridge of nose* Yep this one is all about sex. If a sponge (historical birth control) goes up the hooha it needs to be removed from said hooha or I'll spend the next 100 pages fixated on the fact that the heroine is trotting along with a sponge where a sponge should not be! *deep breath* lol This goes with condoms being forgotten after the dirty deeds, gravity not being taken into account when condoms aren't used and a quick zip up and hey let's go out to dinner! I mean hello! Gravity! Hands not being washed when hands really *really* need to be washed and then going and cooking breakfast. Or going from back door action to walking through the front door and no clean up. *flails* Gah. Lordy. No.

  • Two phrases. 
1) "I won't bite you." He brushed her hair behind her ear and flashed a crooked grin. "Unless you ask me nicely." Yes. Some variation of that's been in like 5 of my last 8 books. *eye twitch* Not cute anymore. Cheeky gone cheesy.
AND 2) "I just need to get you out of my system" Ohmy.fucking.god. That makes you an asshole. And I am so not flattered. I mean. Really now. Would that have you going 'oh yes. let me drop my panties right here! oh baby!' Nope. Not so much. *hangs head*
  • Lip biting. Like...she nibbled the corner of her lips (and instantly...the hero is harder than nails of course) And looking up through eyelashes. Who..does that?! lol I mean. Come on.
Describe your perfect reading spot.
  • My bed! I'm so a bed reader. Lots of pillows, extra soft blankets (plus my Simpson's sheet), a kitteh (or 5) snuggled down around me. Perfect!
Tell us three book confessions.
  • I have an obsession with pierced cocks of the fictional persuasion.
  • I'm a "sometimes" reformed dog ear-er. Now most of the time I use these little colored post it tag things to mark quotes but yeah I still dog ear a page now and again. *hangs head in shame*
  • I love ALL of the different versions of pussy and cock in my reads. I'll seriously squee when I come across one I haven't read/heard before. lol I don't care how cheesy or gigglesnort worthy they are. Rods, love caves, hot pockets (I...about died on that one), swords, tree branches, lust-monsters or cunnies. I love them all. LOL
When was the last time you cried over a book?
  • I get a little teary on quite a few. I'm a total softie. The last that made me absolutely blubber was last year. The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton. I mean UGLY CRYING. It was bad. But an amazing read. 
How many books are on your bedside table?
  • Dammit. I'm gonna sound crazy. lol Ums...the tablet is one one table, 5 books on the other, 3 more books inside that table and :whispers: 3 more on the bed because I can't decide what I'm reading right now. lol
What is favourite snack whilst reading a book?
  • I'm not a snacking reader really. I'll go downstairs and eat. Multitasking and not getting something on the book are not my strong suits. lol But usually I have a drink on hand and if I have to snack honey roasted peanuts. 
Name three books you would recommend to everyone. (::snort:: 3. Yeah I don't follow rules. Sorry!)
  • Erotic--Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair, Need You Tonight by Roni Loren, Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun, After Hours by Cara McKenna
  • Historical--Hellions of Halstead Hall Series by Sabrina Jeffries, Honeycote Series by Anne Barton, House of Trent Series by Jennifer Haymore
  • Paranormal-- Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lover Awakened by JR Ward, Shifters Unbound by Jennifer Ashley, Pride Series by Shelly Laurenston
  • Contemporary-- Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis, Line of Duty Series by Tessa Bailey (dirty talkers!)
  • Mystery-- In Death series by JD Robb, Faces of Evil by Debra Webb
Show us a picture of your favourite shelf in your bookshelf.
  • I don't have a favorite shelf really. Just my books :) This is my living room bookcase. I loves it. There's a matching black set in the guest room too. 

Write how much books mean to you in three words:
  • The Great Escape.
What is your biggest reading secret?
  • Hrm. A reading secret? I love monster porn? But yall already know that. Ummm. Hell if I know yall. I pretty much let quirky reader flag fly. lol 

So. I think I'm supposed to tag others to do this. 
But I'm gonna skip that and just say I wanna hear from ALL of you. 
Tell me your secrets. Bwahaha.

No. Really. Tell me...your secrets! lol

Either leave them in the comments or throw them up on your blog like this (and let me know!)

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