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Quote-tastic (54) & Review--Bound to be a Groom by Megan Mulry

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Today I'm featuring a "naughty" historical. It's a menage with f/f and m/m elements and was pretty steamy. I just loved Anna's (and gah what a fabulous name! lol) response to this. So made me smile.

Anna kept glancing over her shoulder as they crossed the large room. She was enthralled by Isabella in that completely beatific pose, holding her head at that exquisitely submissive angle while Javi stalked around her, removing his other glove, then trailing the soft leather along Isabella's neck and shoulders.

"Enough gawking for now, my dear." Sebastian's amused voice pulled her back from that strangely alluring tableau. He closed the door and surprised her by pulling her into a warm embrace, his back against the stone wall and her body flush up against his front. "Do you want to be the one on your knees or the one with the glove? he asked, his breath hot and his voice eager between kisses.

"The glove..." Her words escaped on a moan that betrayed the truth of them.

He laughed low and raw against her neck, kissing her and licking her. "I suspected as much. How delightfully convenient..."

Anna inhaled sharply, unable to believe his words. " would kneel for that?"

"Oh, my dear. I believe kneeling is the veriest start of what I will do to please you." 

Heat: 3.5 out of 5 Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Oh how I love a bit of debauchery in the morning! *swoons* Two Kitties. Two Cocks. And lots of bits and bobbles all over the place definitely made for a steam-filled hot and sexy historical. *nods* Bound to be a Groom easily satisfied the craving for something a little bit naughty and a little bit sweet at the same time. 

The quick of it is that Anna and her lover Pia have a plan. A plan to escape their current surroundings and live the rest of their lives together. Yet nothing goes as planned and their twosome becomes a foursome in a glorious coupling-- erm, quadrupling?--of submissives and dominants that leaves everyone more than satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

I liked all of the characters--Pia (sub) and Anna (dom) who have been together for years--and--Sebastian (sub) and Farleigh (dom) who had a fling years earlier and never forgot one another. 

The sex scenes were very hot--and nicely varied with m/f, f/f, m/m, m/f/f, and m/m/f/f scenes--though there were a couple spots I could have totally used a set of barbies and GI Joes to figure out exactly what was happening. lol Things got a little, erm, crowded in a couple scenes but still overall hot and smexy lovin' happening. It was interesting having two dominant's in the grouping with one being female and male. I wasn't sure how that would work but it really did. The group definitely suited one another.

Overall, I enjoyed this one. There's no deep intrinsic storyline just a coming together of people to form a union of sorts and it was nice to see. Its steamy and can be oh so naughty in parts and yet overall it had a sweetness to it seeing these four each get something they never thought possible--acceptance and a chance to be with the person they love no matter their particular proclivities.  I liked seeing them come together and their surprise over discovering they might enjoy and love other coupling options as well. If you like spicy historicals with a Dominant/submissive tinge this one is a nice little steamy ride.

*I do think the price listed is a bit high though and while enjoyable it's one I'd personally wishlist and wait for a sale.

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