Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Insta-Wednesday-- BabyG and laptops...

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :) This last couple weeks we had vet visits and shopping and working on projects. It's been busy at Casa Herding Kitties!

Mama what are you doing to me?! (SierraCat came through surgery fine. 5 fewer teeth and a little spreading of the cancer mass that had to be removed but in recovery and doing good)

Not letting the rain get me down. 
Hope everyone in the storms path is hanging in there!

(we just had a spot of rain from the hurricane but really nothing much)

New pretties. Woo!
#kittypaws #MyCatReadsSmut 

The makings of what will be 11 feet of bookcase. Woo!
They've still not been put together but that's the plan for later this week. Eeps!

Needy? Pffft not #BabyG 

A thrilling photo I know. lol 
But woohoo my new flooring is going in. Loving it. It's taking me ages to install it but I'm getting better at it. This is my closet. I was really excited since it meant everything that's usually in there and had been in my bathroom for a couple weeks is now back in there. yay!

We made it to the weekend! 

Pay attention to me. Human. Human! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!

So. I had to buy a new laptop. And it was confused.
East coast at 6pm on the 11th. Erms. Verra confused.

The new laptop. It's pretty. It's big (17 inches) it has a touch screen which is the devil when you have pets (it's finally been disabled). I wasn't really wanting a new laptop but the old one finally had more issues than I was willing to deal with so a new one. It's SO fast compared but lordy getting everything transferred and back to normal is gonna make me twitch. lol

I love cross stitches but haven't done them in ages. A good friend --thanks Kelly!-- sent me this one for my birthday and I decided I must dive in. The lipstick is a needle case :D

#BabyG is not amused. Not at all.

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