Friday, September 30, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- September-- Crafting, Adulting and Squees

Ahhhh September. It was full of power washing, flooring, book cases. I'm still working on all of the above and I imagine I will for all of October, too. lol This house, yall. This house. smh. 

On the home front I USO-ed and crafted--made a Fall wreath and cross stitched which was nice. I've also started revamping ALL of my flower pots. The soil needed to be dumped and amended. I pulled out all of their plants and mixed things up and have been cleaning and painting the pots before replanting. Lotta work but already SO much prettier. Hmmm I had to get a new laptop and battled the hell of a touch screen and a herd. lol SierraCat, our senior babe, had mouth surgery to deal with ongoing cancer and has been recouping and trying to put on weight since. She's a fighter and hanging in there. And I got to meet one of my author friends--PA DePaul-- for the first time in real life! How cool is that? She and her hubby were passing through my state and I got to meet up for dinner and chatting and squees. It was fantastic.

On the blogging front. I kicked off a companion feature-- Thoughts from a Blogger Girl which will have random bloggerish musing. I've been working on indexing nearly 5 years of blog posts. 2016 down and powering through 2015. I revamped my graphics and am still playing around with them a bit but think I'm nearly there. Had some really slow reading weeks with just 2 books and others with 6 books read. Crazy. And...just finished my first 2017 review book. Even crazier. Had my first print 2017 ARC show up and had a whoa, wha?! moment. lol Other than that... Blog Ahead starts...tomorrow. Eeps! I'm seriously looking forward to that! 

Last month I kicked off Thoughts from a Reader Girl. This month...the companion feature. Thoughts from a Blogger Girl. I had some things that just weren't fitting my current features so branching out. This will be just random thoughts. This first one was Blogging and age and how surprising it can be learning how old everyone is.

BLOGGERS!! I have THREE events happening in October. There's still time to sign up for both hops or for Blog Ahead! All are great ways to gain exposure!


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One of our traditional blog hops. I'm debating doing more of these. Interest in this one will decide that. More info HERE

Not a bad reading month. I had a few nice new to me authors and some from favorites. I did have one very surprising bomb by a favorite which was a hard blow. But other than that a good reading and reviewing month.

Total Reviews: 15
New to Me Authors: 4
Favorite Read: The Claiming by Tara Sue Me
Towards Challenges: 15

Guest Post w/ Scarlett Cole
Guest Post w/ Tory Richards
Guest Post w/ Hope Ramsay
Interview w/ Peggy Lampman

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