Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wait, You're HOW Old?!! -- Thoughts from a Blogger-Girl

Dude. You're HOW old?!!

So. It was my birthday back in August and someone was like whoa! you're only 2 years younger than me! And I was like huh! I had no idea!

It boggles sometimes when you learn someone's real age. Less in real life but whoa in e-life. It's something that every once in a while I think about but not too often.

I visit with so many bloggers every day plus other readers/blog followers and authors. And I forget sometimes that were's all over the place age-wise. Kinda neat isn't it? That it really just doesn't matter at all and we can all be friends through reading? And herd babes? And naughty man candies? lol

But it still shocks me sometimes when someone will mention their age and it's way different than what I would have guessed. 

I've totally had that WHOA! You're a baby! moment when realizing some of the bloggers I follow are still teens or early 20s. And others where I'm like huh! I had no idea you were my mom's age. I tend to just think of everyone being MY age (34 now, gah!) if I even think about it. lol

And then sometimes an author will mention their age and they're younger than me *gasp* and I'm like dude you've written 10 books and you're younger than me? I totally thought you were xyz older! Holy cow but I need to get in gear with my life list! ha! 

Anyways. Just a random thought.
Have you ever had that whoa! moment when learning someone in your e-life's real age?

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