Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Eclipse... Two Months Late! Plus! Pups, Pig Cakes, My Birthday and My Family!

Soooo. Two months and a pinch later I'm actually doing my Eclipse post. Bet yall thought you'd not have to see anything about the eclipse until 2024 when the next one comes around. Bwahaha. Nope. So.... my trip.

Starting with BabyG who was NOT pleased that she wasn't allowed to go to South Carolina with me. Not pleased at all, yall.

Okay so I live in North Carolina. My mom and grandmom live in Florida. And because of our herds we rarely get to see each other. *flails* But with the total eclipse happening in South Carolina we decided to make a family trip of it and everyone drive up and meet there. 

We got there the night before the eclipse and stayed at the Quality Inn.
It left a good bit to be desired on the outside but the staff was wonderful and friendly and they let us bring my brother Jake. He's a big boy and most hotels were firmly in the no on him. So big points for Quality Inn for not practicing doggie size discrimination. Mmhm. #BigDogsNeedLoveToo

Since we were there so early we had lots of hours to fill. So we explored Sumter, SC. There's really not much to Sumter but we found a pretty flower garden with a pond and lots of geese. There's something about all 7 varieties of geese come there and that's rare. There were ducks and lots of turtles, too.

The gardens were gorgeous but no pups allowed. So we took turns. Oma and I went and sat for a while and then mom and I switched out and hung out in the car with Jake.

Jake it turns out is a mamas-dog. He did NOT like being separated from mom at all. If she went somewhere he wanted to go with her. Or would stay in the window watching. He was a bit bad and barked that first time so we had to make everything Jake friendly.

He's in a harness because he hurt his leg and sometimes needs help up. He's a senior boy about 16 and fighting cancer but he's a tough guy and I think he had fun getting all of everyone's attention for the weekend.

Eclipse time! And, yall, it was hot!

The town did a big thing at one of their local parks. They had some games and vendors and music. But we sat in the car instead. lol

Seriously it was make you whimper hot.
We actually decided to not go to the official event and stay on the outskirts under some trees which turned out so much nicer. Less people and just cooler.


Even Jake had his own safety glasses though he wasn't all that impressed with them.

Okay so the big field with the thousand some people is over on the left. Then handicapped parking and a little access road then us. There were maybe 100 people over where we were along the road and in a small field behind us.

My grandmom! I call her Oma. She turned 87 this past June.

Mom and Jake.

Did a little lettering. This was actually my rough draft but I managed to set my good one on an ice pack and, well, the letters all swirled. Oops!

This was getting close to time when the light was doing funky things on white surfaces.

Mid eclipse taken through my safety glasses.

The sunset during the eclipse. It was so funky!

Took this during the total eclipse without safety glasses.
It was darker than the camera makes it seem, though.

During the eclipse. This was the little field behind us.

It was so crazy. Such a weird vibe as totality happened.
It was so fast, too! Only a couple minutes.
Not enough time for wildlife to start acting weird but I'm so glad we went.

The community vibe during it was really neat. Everyone was cheering and visiting. It was really a cool experience.

We still had a lot of time left so we ate and visited and checked out the downtown area. There isn't much to Sumter but they have a gorgeous down town that you can tell they're working on revitalizing.

It was also my birthday. Well, not quite, but like 6 days away so we celebrated. It was the first time in probably 10 years I've actually been with my family for my (near) birthday. So we got me a piggy cake from the Piggly Wiggly. lol

Mom also brought me some Sunny's BBQ sauce from home and lots of paper towel rolls for the herd baby mice.


I was about 2 hours into my trip when I realized I had a tag-along. I totally brought my leaf blower to the eclipse. :facepalm: lol

It was a busy weekend for Jake. 
He had the whole back to lounge and snooze, though.

Okay. So. My screen saver. Yall. I tried to be so careful. My grandmom is 87, and my mom 62. So I was careful when I packed. Didn't take my planner out because, well, I get real salty in that and knew I'd get some full name treatment from my grandmom. lol

And I made it AAAAALLLL the way until the breakfast the morning we left. Like as we were getting up to leave and travel home and my grandmom who kept having to be shown how to get to her room and was getting out of the booth the opposite way as me managed to see my phone screen in my hand turned the other way and went Annamarie Cade! What is that on your phone? Are they kissing?!!

I narrowly escaped a this isn't appropriate discussion. lol

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