Sunday, October 15, 2017

Insta-Catching Up....again. lol

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last, erm, month. lol Yea, I've been bad at doing these posts lately. There's been things....

 I went out shopping and turned around to this view. Stunning! My house has too many trees so I rarely see sunsets. I stopped and so did a guy and we just stood there all captivated. Could have totally been the start up to a romance, right? But, alas, no. lol

Most days I try to eat pretty healthy. And then other days I'm like cupcakes for dinner. lol

So. I might have done a thing. #catmom
There might have been opinions #kellycat

Post book club selfie with Mary. And a squishy wee penis. #SpreadingSomeCheer #friends #goodforthesoul

Someone isn't all that amused by the lack of kitteh. 
A couple pretty new πŸ“š arrivals. I just love the covers on both, don't you? Had fun with my first McKinlay earlier this year and this is my first time with Anderson.

When you both really want to be the only baby. lol
#BabyG #Fran

lol when you aren't feeling particularly cooperative. And you're a bit dramatic, too.

*grumbles* okay, done. Ready for the week. Lots on the list including calling Le Creuset tomorrow because I managed to somehow kill my favorite pot. Y'all. There was sadness. lol


Some noms recently. 
1] Roasted veggies, chickpeas, feta and scallions over couscous
2] Vegetarian chili that was practically free thanks to couponing!
3] Roasted sweet potato and sauted cabbage over tri-colored quinoa

(omg I'm eating like an adult!)

Getting ready for the week. πŸ“ Squished an extra day into this week's layout and tackling a TON of house stuff this weekend. Marked a few things off the list so far. 😺

I'm going to attempt a planner change, y'all. And it's making my palms sweat. Going from my 11x8.5 disc bound that I've used for years to a smaller spiral bound. 
Nervous, y'all. I'm nervous. It's still a dotgrid I'll just have to design and write smaller but ergs. It was cute, though, and I couldn't resist. lol


More noms!
Roasted all the veggies (ew on roasted zucchini, that was unfortunate)
And lasagna. I made it with cottage cheese which turned out AMAZING. Seriously the best I've made in years, I think.

When flea meds cost nearly as much as your mortgage but you don't want them to die so you give it a shot. Here's hoping this works for #AddiCat and we don't end up at the vet for another emergency visit!

Doing something a little different and using a 2 week spread. Maybe if I have 14 days to do a list it'll actually happen. lol πŸ˜ΈπŸ“πŸ“šπŸ“†

And then you evacuate the airport. Everything was fine. There was a fire scare and we had to abandon the USO and venture into the airport innards.

Omg y'all. The cute! My new pens just arrived.

I've been keeping up with my photo of me a day. And have resisted the use of filters/editing. Ergs. I'm trying to get comfortable with photos and being "seen" and whatnot. I need to remember to take them when I'm doing stuff instead of right before bed. lol Quite a few are between like 12am-2am. 

I loved this one. Right before bed. Me and my #KellyCat
I rarely take pics without my glasses because I just feel weird without them but I actually feel pretty in this one :) #progress

Human. No. What have you done?! This...I am not okay with this, human. Not okay at all.

FB was being stupid so I cleaned the fridge. Sufficient adulting for one day.

And a few more.

House project. I'm doing a raised bed around my dogwood. It's....looked like this for 2 weeks now. Ergs. Maybe next month it'll be done!

If you do a photo post on your blog, FB, etc feel free to link yourself in :)

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