Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Monthly Herd -- October -- The Month In Which I Flailed!

LOL yall. October. What a month!
November... be nice to us. lol

Personal Updates
  • My eyes are doing better! I still have to be careful to not over tax them but I'm actually able to read books again! And blog! And visit other blogs! It's been amazing. I'm usually pretty spent by the end of the day but that's okay.
  • I've been tackling the house. I'm really tired of the clutter and the chaos and the mess. It's been a struggle but I'm maybe kinda slowly fixing it all.
  • The herd is well. Cute and naughty but overall healthy.
  • I'm working on getting healthy. Steps, eating better, etc. I've lost 21 pounds so far this year. It's been VERY slow going but had someone go...did you lose weight? Which was really nice to hear!
  • I've been doing a lot of couponing and cooking which has been fun. Trying out new foods and recipes to use up some of the random stuff I've couponed for free. I'm having such a good time with it.
It's been great. Getting lots of neat stuff including healthy items and getting others that are free or very cheap that I can donate. I've been upping that and makes my heart happy to be able to take things to the USO and the food pantry here. Still looking for a men's group to donate to but maybe that'll be November.

I made up a huge pot of quinoa bean soup and I think it cost me like 3 bucks total. It was SO good, too!

Bloggery Updates

  • I am SO far behind, yall. I know you must be sick of hearing that. But 3+ months of barely being able to do anything electronic and then having to catch up. Yeah. I'm still behind in emails, blog posts, visiting. I'm working on it. I really appreciate yalls patience with me!
  • Blog Ahead happened. I failed spectacularly! lol I started Oct with 11 posts scheduled. Goal was to get to 41 posts by last night. I made it to 26. And did 10 of those in the last 3 hours of the month. Oops! But that buffer is still amazing to have so I'm thankful!
  • It was a really REALLY light blog month. I just. Well I skipped a LOT of days. Some of it on purpose. People visit. And I adore yall for visiting. But I feel bad, too, because again with the behind thing. So I skipped some days. lol

Lauren over at Shooting Stars Mag asked me to join her in a fun hop in December. All about...planners and pretty things! Eeee! Makes my planner loving heart happy!

So be on the look out for the sign up info on that! It'll basically be a giveaway hop where everyone gives away pretty plannery stuff. *happy sigh*

Holy shit! I didn't realize how few books I reviewed this month. Um. OOps!
This is the least number of books ever in the blog. EVER.
*hangs head*

But I enjoyed all of them so there's that!

Total Reviews: 5
New to Me Authors: 2
Favorite Read: The Dispatcher (but I enjoyed them all)
Towards Challenges: 5



Did You Have a Favorite October Post?

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