Tuesday, October 10, 2017

4 stars-- Lady Charlotte's First Love (The Sutherland Sisters #2) by Anna Bradley

Aaaaahhh, Anna Bradley. It wouldn't be one of her books if I didn't want to stab someone at least once!

Quick of it is that Charlotte's having a wild-widow-loose-in-London breakdown and her family is all ohmahgawd we have to do something so they bring in Julian who has his own holy-shit-I'm-all-fucked-up thing going on and task him with getting Charlotte to leave the city and retire to the country with her family where she'll hopefully not cause her ruin with her crazy antics. Of course last time they saw each other shit did not go down well. So, yes. This will go well. Especially after he finds her smoking and drinking in a whore house. Erms. Yall. Widow-gone-wild. I'm telling you.

I liked Charlotte and Julian. I did. And wanted to throttle them both because good night, yall! Talking would have done both of them a world of good. But no. No, no. These two are stubborn little things. They have their reasons. They do. Really they're both hurting for different reasons and just don't know what to do with themselves.

Their past and all that pesky jump-each-other's-naughty-bits chemistry zinging about when they were trying to keep hating each other was entertainingly frustrating. Whew, yeah.

But I did like them and their difficult selves. Even if Julian did wind up needing a bit of stabbing he made it all the way to 65% before that happened! Not to be outdone, I had a brief oh no you didn't moment with Charlotte, too. lol

Family, drama, crazy friendships, damaged loved trying to mend itself, hurt, sass, the cattiness of the ton all combined for one entertaining read. Lady Charlotte's First Love was classic Bradley. Her characters may be a spot...difficult and drive you crazy now and again but dang if you can resist loving them completely in the end.

Since her husband’s tragic death, Lady Charlotte Hadley has embarked on a path of careless behavior and dangerous hijinks from which no one can divert her . . . until suddenly, her first—and only—true love reenters her world. Their fiery romance was so scandalous Charlotte had no choice but to marry another, more suitable man. Surely now they are both free to pick up where they left off . . .

Julian West has returned to London a hero after making a name for himself in battle at Waterloo. Every woman is vying for his attention—except the one who stole his heart. No matter, Julian has other obligations. But when Charlotte’s sister, Eleanor, charges him with protecting the widow from ruin, what ensues is another kind of battle—one that leads a chase from London’s bars and brothels to the finest country estate as Julian and Charlotte untangle a host of secrets, regrets, and misunderstandings. For could it be that the love they’ve forced themselves to forget is exactly what they need to remember?

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