Saturday, February 9, 2019

In My Cart-- This Week's Trips

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

My Shopping This Week
(this is actually Feb 1-Feb 8 but close enough lol)

I buy ALL sorts of items. Healthy produce and organic to tasty just good for the soul junk food.
I eat it all so I coupon for it all, too. You can coupon no matter what type of diet you follow.
I also donate a ton to the food pantry and USO.

For the first week of February I bought $301.28 worth of groceries and paid...19.49 for it!

301.28 Retail
53.89 OOP
19.49 After Rebates (Ibotta, Fetch referral code V1MJA)
5.49 of which was taxes

#items 111
#donated 31

Harris Teeter
Retail 108.35
OOP 15.22
Final 9.77

Notes:  This was during an event called Super Doubles where they double coupon value. So a $1 coupon becomes $2.
  • Yes, you CAN coupon for produce! The organic spinach was free with coupon from Organic Girl. Sign up for their newsletter.
  • The butternut squash was 99cents each (produce markdown originally 3.99), the tomato pasta kits were markdown to 1 from 5.99
  • Vegan toothpaste
  • Free premium kitty food. 
  • Got fancy cheese and detergent to donate

Harris Teeter
Retail 72.02
OOP 13.70
Final 1.70

Notes: During Super Doubles. I also cashed out $10 on Fetch

  • Organic granola
  • Cauliflower infused pizza crust

Whole Foods
Cost: 8.45

Notes: Ugh. An expensive trip to Whole Foods but sometimes being vegetarian it can't be helped. I needed Parmesan and powdered sugar. Regular versions of each are NOT vegetarian friendly so I have to make allowances for expensive ones now and again. They aren't easy to find unfortunately but Whole Foods (and Trader Joes) both carry acceptable versions. I save enough on other items that a trip like this isn't too terrible though it irks. lol

*You CAN coupon at Whole Foods. This time both of my items were store brand so that didn't happen.

Food Lion
Retail 13.11
OOP .13
Final -.87 (I was paid after rebates)

Notes: A game day treat. Food Lion texts out deals every couple weeks. If you have a Food Lion SIGN UP FOR THIS!! Sometimes it's snacks, sometimes flowers, sometimes produce, etc. This one was buy any dip get a bag of chips of your choice free. So...why not! Pepsi came with an ibotta rebate and the chocolates were free with store coupon. This was a Super Bowl promotion.

Retail 37.85
OOP 9.57
Final 4.22

Notes: A donation trip mostly. Toothbrushes were free no coupon with a store promotion, canned pasta was very cheap (this is a great food pantry item it goes fast)

  • My main goal personally was the cottage cheese. With in store coupon it was 10 cents a tub. I use it in all my pasta dishes.
  • The Oui was free with digital store coupon

Retail 55.47
OOP 6.60
Final -4.00 (yes, I was paid to buy this

Notes: Sometimes you buy things you don't use because they pay for other things. The hair dye paid me almost $5 after coupon and ibotta rebate. The vitamins paid me a little over $8 with store coupon and promotion. Do I need those vitamins? Nope. They aren't vegetarian friendly. But I used that overage to pay for my vegan pizzas and cottage cheese. The vitamins are then taken to the food pantry. Same with the hair dye. Yes...that will go quickly there!
  • More 10 cent cottage cheese
  • Garbage disposal cleaner was free with coupon, too. Glisten coupon.

Retail 6.03
OOP .22

Notes: More garbage disposal cleaner free. I just paid taxes


And my donations for the Food Pantry/USO in January. I take things in usually once a month and this is what I collected during January. It was completely free or paid me because of couponing. Everything from Dove shampoo to specialty cheese, makeup, sauces, organic sugar, dish soap, meatballs, deodorant, gluten free pasta and face scrub. I love finding items to take in to both places. It's a pretty good feeling when you can see items you brought in being picked up off the shelves and know it'll go to good use and help ease someone's burdens.

Want to know more? Join our FB group that's all about coupons and savings!

I'm slowly working on a website and FB group for couponing where I'll share deals and coupons. Feel free to join, ask questions, share your hauls, etc!

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