Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Monthly Herd-- February-- At least it's over

Well we made it to the end of February. Thank goodness.

It was a pretty hard month for us. I posted a lot less on the blog because life was just too much.

We had like 2 weeks of endless rain which is normally fine but I have a leaky roof and the roofers couldn't come out because of all the rain. Finally got them out here and will be getting a new roof in March. Ah! Will be good to have that done. 

We also lost Americus a couple weeks ago which was devastating. It hurts and if I keep myself distracted I can keep it together, ya know? So I'm trying to make life happier for the rest of the babies. Purging, cleaning, putting together fun things for them. It's getting a little easier. I'm very very thankful we had that last month together where she decided she wanted to be a lap kitty and be loved on. Moments that will be cherished.

On the blog front I did start doing a new feature -- In My Cart-- which is my weekly grocery trips. It's a good way for me to keep on track of things. I linked the February posts below.

And other than that we'll be hosting a Blog Ahead in March! The entire month. Again...I need that distraction and man I need that motivation on the blog front. If you're a blogger feel free to join in :)

Couponing totals for February. I bought 309 items, donated 75ish. Retail value 880.25 but I only paid 65.03 (15.91 of that was taxes)

Total Reviews: 3
New to Me Authors: 1
Favorite Read: Charming
Towards Challenges: 3


Bookish Places I Want To Visit
Books You MUST Read
Favorite Book Couples
Books I'm Nervous About

In My Cart -- $301.28 for...$19.49 
In My Cart -- $204.06 for... $10.96
In My Cart -- $253.52 of Groceries for $7.37

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