Friday, February 22, 2019

[memes] Places I Wanna Visit + my week in books

It has been raining for 8000 days.

Seriously the rain has not stopped here. And we have days of it left. It's thankfully not been downpour rain but just never ending always wet rain.

Which is causing some troubles since I'm supposed to have major yard work done and have a leaking roof that they can't fix until the rain stops because it's not safe up there on a 2 story wet roof. Yall! Someone needs to apologize to the clouds and make it stop!

I've been doing better this week. Last week was pretty devastating so I've been trying hard to keep myself from falling into that hole. I've been purging like mad and maybe starting to see a difference. And went out to lunch with a neighbor. It was nice meeting someone new and checking out a cafe I haven't been to in nearly 15 years. I also received some comfort sugar from my friend Kelly. She's so sweet and takes good care of me. I needed that sugar, too. And I read a ton. 

I had a fun reading week. Finished up the Lauren Layne series then went cozy vampires that knit! Since my KU subscription is almost up I figured I'd go ahead and binge the series since it's been cute so far. So a good reading week that was light and easy.

Huge Deal-- These are fun and set on Wall Street. There's a semi enemies to lovers theme to them and this go around one of the investors and his assistant. 

The Vampire Knitting Club-- This was a fun cozy. Knitting vampires. Ahh! It's super light and easy. 

Stitches & Spells-- Deadly tea at the quaint little tea shop next door. Oh dear! But who was the killer really after?

Crochet & Cauldrons-- A cursed Egyptian mirror that brought a demon after our darling little with. Some nice danger and some new developments. It was a good installment that had me nervous for a second.

Stockings & Spells-- aaahhh the vampires talk Lucy into having a knitting booth at the Christmas fair. And a bookish mystery involving murder and plagiarism? It was fun. Plus one of the guys FINALLY made a move. lol


I am *just* starting Purls and Potions at about midnight but I'm guessing it'll be fun like the others :)

1.5 stars-- Dark Moon by Katie Douglas
In My Cart-- 204.06 in groceries for 10.96

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit

Ha! Well this theme was done back in like June so I'm cheating and copy-pasting...

Pretty much all books that mention Ireland or Scotland? lol Regency London. I could totally go for a visit. I've been to many other spots in Europe and I'd go again but it's not a huge pull for me now. But Ireland and Scotland? Ahhh I've missed out so far. lol

So, yeah, they're all historicals except Kiss of the Irish which is set in a quaint pub I'd love to visit. Heh


Question: What's your favorite bookish accessory that's NOT a book?
A: Hmmm I don't own all that many bookish accessories but I think these bookends are super cute.

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