Saturday, February 23, 2019

In My Cart -- $253.52 of Groceries for $7.37!

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog! I buy ALL sorts of items. Healthy produce and organic to tasty just good for the soul junk food. I eat it all so I coupon for it all, too. You can coupon no matter what type of diet you follow. I also donate a ton to the food pantry and USO.

My Shopping This Week
$253.52 in Groceries. I paid $7.37!

The Stats

253.52 Retail
55.27 oop (paid in store)
7.37 final (after rebates)
4.37 was taxes

71 items
8 items donated

70.29 Retail
15.94 OOP
0.79 Final
  • An ibotta rebate trip. I needed 4 more rebates to get a $4 bonus that were ending. So got some of my crackers, some ice cream and some vegan paleo hot pockets plus cereal to donate. 
  • The lettuce was on bogo with a $1 digital Publix coupon so only $1!
  • The Glucerna had both a manufacturer and a Publix coupon and was on sale so made $4 every 2 boxes. I used that overage to pay for my fancy $10 cheese in the bottom corner. Whoa!

Harris Teeter
2.49 Retail
0.00 OOP
-.25 Final

Our store does weekend freebies for loyalty members. This week it was a Chobani less sugar yogurt and a Hershey's candy bar.

10.12 Retail
-1.30 OOP
-3.05 Final

Foodlion does promotional texts if you sign up for them. They send out discounts now and again. For Valentine's Day they gave everyone $2 towards flowers/candy or Valentine's presents. I opted for some Godiva which also had an ibotta rebate so was only 25cents. Yay!

Equal was a money maker and donation

Top Ramen I just needed a comfort bowl of soup and I'm trying to trigger a pet category shop & earn for March so bought the cheapest can of cat food. 

Harris Teeter
40.88 Retail
1.85 OOP
.60 Final

Seeee you can coupon healthy. lol 
  • Earthbound organic beans and lettuce were free with coupon from signing up for their newsletter
  • I used a $10 Catalina coupon to lower oop that I got last week from buying a gift card at Foodlion.

41.51 Retail
10.41 OOP
-1.84 Final
  • Free pasta with sale and ibotta
  • Free Thermacare with Publix coupon and ibotta
  • Glucerna was a money maker with coupon and store coupon

Harris Teeter
43.94 Retail

15.62 OOP
5.62 Final

  • Free pasta sauce with coupon
  • Gardein I had a coupon and ibotta rebate
  • 99cent butternut squash! I love when I find it on markdown (usually 3.99)
  • And cheese! Our deli lady if she sees you eyeing markdown cheese she'll be like...will you take it for X? And then marks it down even more. lol

27.3 Retail
9.71 OOP
2.36 Final

  • More free pasta and free body wash thanks to ibotta!

Harris Teeter
5.09 Retail
3.09 OOP
3.09 Final

HT makes the BEST donuts. This was actually bought last week and I forgot to add it. It was a comfort sugar thing while Americus was ill and much needed.

11.90 Retail
0.05 OOP
0.05 Final

My favorite BBQ sauce is being discontinued. Manged to get 3 bottles for 82 cents each. And some grocery bags that were kinda funny and 50% off. I used my Shop & Earn credits to pay the bill.

APPS USED to save extra money:
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