Friday, February 8, 2019

[memes] Favorite Book Couples! + my week in books

Um. I honestly don't remember this past week. lol I'm going with that's a good thing? Ha!

*looks at calendar*

Hm. I had the USO and Food Pantry. Both went fine and were fun. Nothing too crazy or anything.
Americus went in for fluids multiple times. She's doing good! Though could eat more.
I blogger a *little*
I cooked a *little*
I cleaned up after the herd.
And did some cleaning and resting and reading.

That's about it. lol

It was a great reading week! I finished 3 and had a fantastic time with each.

In High Cotton-- Swank just writes the best books. Nice mystery, sexy bad boy heroes, strong feisty heroines. 

Killer Keys-- This is one of my favorite cozies. A grumpy pup, a brassy heroine, a cutie hero. Everyone snowed in during an anniversary celebration and...a murderer amongst them. It was fun and finally...FINALLY after 10 books the heroine kissed the hero. It was lovely. 

The Consequence of Falling-- OMG if there was ever a need for llamas to fall from the sky and squish people. This hero was in need. lol It was a well done enemies to lovers that totally won me over. Thanks Melliane for the rec!


Minutes to Kill-- I started this back in 2018 and just couldn't get through (me not the book). So I picked it up again recently to listen to and am doing much better. Leigh rights great thriller mysteries with a touch of romance. 

Mr Right Stuff-- I am loving. Fake romances are my favorite and this one is a hoot so far. CEO with a crush on an employee he sees in the lobby every day. When his grandparents start hounding him about getting married he's like...I'm dating someone and describes her. And then...and then... the grandparents MEET her one day on accident but recognize her description and are like omg the fiance!!! and invite her to lunch and are like Ethan! lets plan the engagement party. And Ethan and Kate are like...the fuck is this?!! since they're meeting for the very first time. lol


I was closing out my Audible account so picked up two books from series I enjoy. Briggs is always a good choice and I love the narrator from Force of Attraction.

And a bunch of at the time freebies and my Feb kindle pick.

4 stars-- Burn for You (Slow Burn #1) by J.T. Geissinger

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Four: Favorite Book Couples

I decided to just go with my top four picks for favorite couples.


Eve and Roarke -- the antisocial police lieutenant and the sexy god that is Roarke who walks the edge of the law and is just...everything amazing. Their romance is incredible and everything a girl could want.

Rose and James-- A crime lord and a heroine who has visions. I love their dynamic and just everything about them. They're both so much more than what's on the surface and I can't get enough of them.

Bella and Zsadist-- sweetest scene ever. Gah these two broke my heart and are just amazing.

Mercy and Adam-- I've loved watching them go from slight enemy neighbors who antagonized each other to an incredible romance as the years went by.

A quick blurb really does none of these justice. You just have to meet them for yourself to understand, really. But of the thousands of romances I've read over the years these four are the ones I compare everything else to. They're incredible and just...yeah.

*Family Jewels isn't a romance exactly. They're mysteries with romantic elements and start with 28 and a Half Wishes. But damn, yall, the two of them. 

Question: Do you have celebrations for your blog's anniversary such as a giveaway? 
A: I used to. We'd do a big month long lead up (Authors for the Holidays) to our January 1st anniversary. But the last year I skipped it mainly because of unreliable authors. So now I just do a woohoo post on the 1st and a bit more low key with it. lol

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