Monday, February 18, 2019

1.5 stars-- Dark Moon (Spirit Wild #3) by Kate Douglas

Oh my word. It's not often it happens but I was seriously yelling at my book "Okay! OKAY! Yall need to stop fucking. Stop it! Put that cock down! You've had enough! How can you even walk? Aren't you chaffing?! Just...stop with the cocks!"

There was so much sex.
Heroine #1 and random college guy
Hero #1 and Heroine #2 
Hero #1 and Heroine #1
--as humans
--as wolves
--as pumas (complete with spiked penis)
Heroine #2 and Hero #2
--as humans
--as wolves
--as a human and a wolf 
Hero #1 and Hero #2
Heroine #1, Hero #1, Heroine #2, Hero #2
Hero #1 and Heroine #2 while the others watch
Hero #2, Heroine #1
Seriously oh my god stop fucking. It was like a game of musical naughty bits for 85% of a book that ended at 92%.

I was done.

The Gist: Hero #1 was there when Heroine #1 was born. He's her Spirit Guide but they've been apart because she ran away at 17 (and stayed away) after he turned down her advances. But now she's grown and ready to make him fuck her. Then Heroine #2 (who has been Hero #1's long time fuck buddy while Heroine #1 was away) stumbles across a newcomer who turns out to be her "one". Much sex ensues. See above.

I do enjoy a fuck fest now and again (hello, Cara McKenna is awesome for those). But, I think I've outgrown Douglas. I used to love these but this was just a non stop run of the mill sex scenes sprinkled with jabs at men being inferior and them apologizing, unremarkable characters,  some half assed suspense briefly tossed in around 72% before they went back to fucking and things being neatly tied up by "the Mother" (their version of God) instead of having any real resolution.

There's amazing erotica out there (not to be confused with erotic romance) but Dark Moon was not it. It was a relief to be done with this book. I won't be reading any more from Douglas that's for sure.

And, yes, 5flames but they weren't fun heat me up flames. Simply flames due to all the mix mash and abundance of cockery.
Igmutaka is her Spirit Guide and protector. But Star desires so much more. She wants to take him as her mate. Years away have not diminished her craving for him and so she is returning home, to face the past and experience the exquisite rapture that only one of her kind can give.

Despite the passion she and Igmutaka share, Sunny knows she has yet to find her one true mate.  And when she comes upon carnage in the forest and sees the massive wolf standing proud before her, she wonders if this is the one who will finally satisfy all her carnal needs.  .  .
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