Sunday, May 12, 2019

[memes] Please Don't Make It A Movie + my week in books

So the exciting stuff this week was I finally made it to 100% on Netgalley! It took me 3 years to fix the mess I made but I finally did it. I'm really quite proud of myself for buckling down and for stopping with all the excuses why I couldn't. 

On the life front. Well, I'm doing better here mostly though nights are still really hard when I can't turn my brain off and keep going over things and what I could have done different. So I'm doing that whole work until you literally drop thing. I'm slowly getting back to things. I had 4 cubic yards of dirt delivered so there's lots of gardening and work since I do need my driveway back at some point. And I made it back to the food pantry after 2 weeks off. I couponed a lot and did some organizing and planning. Threw a bunch of stuff out. Put Cleo's things away. One of those weeks. Hopefully week three will be a little easier, too.

Blood Bound-- audio-- demon infused vampire. Nope! I loved the audio and man it was an exciting story.

Iron Kissed-- audio-- This was not an easy read. I remembered what happened but didn't recall it happening so early in the series. Gah. Definitely an emotional one. 

Bone Crossed-- audio-- there's never a dull moment in these books. Damn they're so freaking good. Vampires causing a whole host of troubles again. I loved the Mercy/Adam bits. He's just such an amazing hero.

Sisters of Summer's End--ebook-- very cute and there *was* a puppy. Two girls who work at an RV park deciding to start letting people get close to them. I enjoyed both romances. 


I decided to re-listen to Bone Crossed since I was a bit distracted for some parts of it. And listening to Hot Stuff which is rather ridiculous but entertaining. I'm doing Tightrope in print. So far it's good. Interesting. She's a former trapeze artist who was nearly killed and he's, well, not in the mob but mob adjacent?

Seriously this cover for Sisters of Summer's End is so cute. 
I'm reading as I get them so so far so good. 
Review is almost done, too.

I won a copy of Christi Caldwell's The Bluestocking over on Goodreads. 
There's a cat on the cover so we're already in love. lol

Apparently it was a pizza week. Basil and lettuce from the garden.
And a double chocolate mousse with strawberries was pretty amazing.


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Top Ten:  Books/Series I Don't Want to See on Film

Yeah, so I'm not a huge fan of the whole book to movie/tv thing. So often they totally screw up what made them wonderful. Not always, of course. But the vast majority of the time it's just such a blunder and doesn't do the book justice. Soooo...things I DON'T want to see on film.

For most I just don't think they could capture the dynamic right. It would come off cheesy or campy. Some no way they could get the spicy heat on screen. Or capture the magic of the world. I just. Nope. Please don't touch my favorites.

*covers link to Amazon


Question: Which author would you most like to interview, and why? 
A: Hmmm. I've interviewed a TON of authors. And many of my favorites which was awesome. I think maybe JD Robb/Nora Banks. She's just so huge and she writes my absolute favorite series (In Death).

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