Friday, May 31, 2019

The Monthly Herd-- May-- The Month I Hated

I won't even lie. May was pretty dreadful here. After losing Cleo at the end of April I pretty much fell apart. She'd been my baby for 15 years and the past year and a half pretty much revolved around her. She was just such a girl and losing her after two others this year was just too much and I crumbled. 

I took a break from nearly everything in life and just grieved and hermited. It's getting better the last handful of days. Still sneaks up on me when I'm not expecting it (damn you, FB Memories!) but I'm doing better. I'm still working on breaking my care-giver habits. Going from a 24/7 dependent to being able to do anything I want whenever and not having to worry about her really through me for a loop. It's hard not living in 15 minute increments which is literally what our life was 24/7 for a year and a half. 

So. Yeah. I was not a huge fan of May overall. I'm glad it's nearly over. I did do a TON of gardening, though. That was great. And I purged a ton. Got the Tahoe fixed and caught up on sleep. Started back at the USO and food pantry and couponed. Anywho. We're going into June in a much better place, so I'm glad for that. And appreciate all the support and understanding this past month.

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