Sunday, May 19, 2019

[memes] Don't Touch My Books! + my week in books

Well we survived the week. It is already getting brutal hot here. My poor little garden isn't any happier about it than I am. lol Mid 90s is just so darn rude for mid May.

Not too much else. Food pantry was fairly busy and the USO went well this past week. It was good to see my USO people. They always shore up my spirits.

I read a bit and worked in the yard. Tossed stuff. So good things.

Oooo and had a big fight with Google Fiber who's laying lines in my neighborhood and has screwed up our yards in the process. They had me spitting mad. I won't even be using the service but I get the lovely 4+ foot by 3foot junction box sunk into my yard RIGHT at the driveway so it's...just lovely. It wasn't supposed to be there either. Ah! Then they removed a section of sidewalk at the neighbors and put a box there as well. So...pretty AND safe! lol

This just came in. If you read kindle books there's an awesome offer that ends the 27th. Buy $20 worth of kindle books and you'll get a $5 credit! Activate HERE.

It was a very slow reading week. Not sure why as I enjoyed both books. 

Hot Stuff-- audio reread-- silly and a bit over the top but I enjoyed the narration

Sweet Tea & Sympathy-- ebook-- was a cute read set at a funeral home/bait shop

Jaded, bearded, wolfish-- ebook-- was fun though there was no lumberjack werewolf. and, yes, I bought it entirely for the cover. lol


I'm actively reading Full Bloom (audio) and Lone Wolf Cowboy. Enjoying both but the Yates heroine is pushing my nerve a bit.

Bone Crossed and Tightrope I'm working on both still but put them aside briefly to read other things. 

I submitted my Foster review so allowed another from Netgalley. Yes, I only allow one at a time now. lol  Lone Wolf Cowboy. I LOVE this cover. Hers are always amazing!

Spring Texas Bride by Katie Lane

Planner page is in progress. I need to finish inking things in then do some color shading but so far...


Not much on the food front. I got a $5 please come back to us Moe's reward so got a tofu burrito for $3. And then made up sauted cabbage and onion (from the garden!) with veggie sausage and a side of cucumber/avocado/tomato salad with parsley and onion from the garden. It was SO good I made it twice. lol

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch (too special/valuable, perhaps?) 

*channels Joey from FRIENDS* Anna doesn't share books!!!! Yeah. lol *purses lips and shakes head quickly* I don't share my books at all. If I give you a book it's not one from my collection. I bought it specifically to pass it on to you. There's no touching my books. #SorryNotSorry

Question: Do you continue with a book even though you aren't liking it? 
A: It depends. I try to make it to 30% but I'll DNF sooner than that, too. Usually these are ones that just aren't sparking anything with me. Nothing terribly wrong with them just not for me. But I do finish *some* of them. If I know I'm gonna need to have  me a good ol' rant I'll typically finish it so that when I review it I don't get "well you didn't finish it so..." comments. So I head them off and finish the thing then go ranty anna on it. lol

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