Thursday, May 16, 2019

[QuoteTastic] 4 stars-- Spring Texas Bride (Brides of Bliss Texas #1) by Katie Lane

I adore Katie Lane. The books are always so dang fun! Today's quote really has nothing to do with the story or the main characters but dang if I've ever related to something more in my life...

"That has to be the laziest dog I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“He’s not lazy. He just enjoys sleeping better than exercising."

Katie Lane is always so dang fun. Spring Texas Bride was sweet and funny and totally adorable.
The Gist: After a fight with her sisters Spring has decided it's time to stand on her own two feet for the first time. Which means leaving town and getting a job away from her sisters (they're triplets). The grumpy --yet sexy-- small town sheriff who needs an assistant and everyone else is avoiding? Perfect! She just has to convince him he's hired her first.
Spring and Waylon are night and day. She's sunny and cheerful. A bit of a free spirit and maybe a little forgetful. Chaotic for sure. Waylon on the other hand used to be a bit more easy going but since taking over as sheriff he's a bit too straight laced. By the book, always serious, totally stressed and in need of a break. He's a good guy that cares so much and wants to do right by his town. It was really quite easy to like them both even with all the growling.

Their romance was a bit funny. They do drive each other a spot crazy. I had a good time watching them work together and spar every day. There's a little heat later on and lots of fun chemistry to back it all up.

Overall, Spring Texas Bride was a light breezy read. It's fun getting lost in the pages of Lane's books. There's always so much heart and spirit it's impossible not to fall for the couples and the towns they call home.

When Spring Hadley breezes into Bliss, Texas, Waylon Kendall knows she’s trouble with a capital T. And trouble is the last thing he needs when he’s working hard to fill his daddy’s boots as the new sheriff. He doesn’t have time for frivolous fun with a sassy woman who can’t take no for an answer. But when Spring finagles her way into a position as his new assistant, Waylon realizes there’s much more to her than meets the eye. She brightens his mundane life with her sunny smile and kind heart, and he suddenly wants springtime each and every day.

Spring Hadley isn’t trouble. She’s a free spirit who sometimes forgets important things—like locking up the clothing store she owns with her sisters. When her sisters get mad and call her an irresponsible ditz, she decides to go on a camping adventure to prove that she can make it just fine without her family. Unfortunately, her Jeep breaks down, and Spring ends up stranded in Bliss with no money. A temp job is what she needs, and she’s determined to get it—even if it means tangling with the new sheriff. A sheriff who is hotter than a jalapeno pepper with kisses just as spicy. But when her criminal father blows into town, trouble begins, accusations fly, and the truth comes out. 

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