Sunday, May 5, 2019

{memes} me in books + my week in books

I took this past week off. I just needed time to recover and lick my wounds. I'm still just barely on social media again and will get back to the pantry/USO this week. I skipped both last week. I just couldn't be around people. Mostly I'm cleaning and purging and gardening. And sleeping a lot once I can get my brain to stop long enough. The herd babies are giving me lots of love and letting me snuggle them which is helping. 

I'm doing a ton on audio this week. Re-reading the Patricia Briggs series which is wonderful. There's a big comfort in re-reading an older series you love.

Not too much other than that. It's been quiet which I needed.


april 26-may 5

Some great. Some suck.
  • Nothing to Croak About-- Such a fun little cozy full of witches and curses and a plague of frogs.
  • Daughter of the Spellcaster -- meh. Good hero. Flaky heroine. Less than mediocre plot.
  • Arson & Ache-- Likable characters but atrocious editing. Needed more on the romance and better sex scenes
  • Midnight Valentine-- I liked this one but it relied WAY too heavily on reincarnation/fate. Could have been better done I think (her dead husband basically took up host in the new hero's body)
  • Moon Called-- SO freaking good. Story and audio. I'd forgotten a lot and had fun re-meeting everyone
  • Tangled-- Meh. I do not understand the love here. Shit characters, nasty no condom sex with a hero who fucked like a dozen other women the first half of the book.
  • Blood Moon-- Another fantastic one. Demon infused vampires. Not something you ever want. I'd forgotten that Mercy/Adam started things up so early in the series. Or well started to start things up.


Nothing at this very second. I'm going to do Mercy book #3 today I think.

A few freebies

I never finished my planner page so food again...

Butter herb rice with asparagus and chic patties
Couscous/Bean/Tomato soup-ish

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top, erm, One: Character That Reminds Me of Myself

Ooo that's kind of hard! Mainly because my memory sucks. ::snort:: So I have a 1 book list today!

One that does stick in my mind is Bea from Unbroken Cowboy. I saw a lot of myself in her. She does animal rescue for starters and that was my job for over a decade. Some of her circumstances and choices as well. Not all the time but quite often. I remember going wow I so understand this heroine a couple times.

Question: Do you have a favorite classic? When did you read it? High school or as an adult?
A: I'm really not a fan of the classics. So many were forced on us in high school and it really made me hate reading for years and soured me to classics in general. So...I'll pass on those.

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