Monday, August 5, 2019

[Memes] Gack! Terrible Cover Re-Dos + my week

Rain has been ridiculous here this year. We go weeks on weeks with no rain at all (and 90-100 degree days) and then we have 2+ inches in 2 hours. rain in forever. Lordy yall. I might have gotten stuck between two flooded out roads and it took me 45 minutes to go 4 miles. lol

Other than that this week was okay. The food pantry was decently busy.

I did some gardening. I'm starting to transition from a summer garden to a fall garden so need seeds and such being planted. The rain killed my first plantings so on the second go around. Everything else is filling out beautifully.

I did a TON of grocery shopping/couponing. I'll have a post up Wednesday maybe on that.

I'm way behind on blogging and such. I've not posted much but have started to get around to blog again. I'm having to do tiny spurts because of a tailbone flare up. Probably a decade ago one of the girls sent me on a trip down the stairs and since then I have flare ups and sitting for even a few minutes makes me achy. So obnoxious though I know it could be worse. But anywho. That's part of my slowness with online stuff lately.

Truth or Dare-- Ha! Heroines decided to pick up their next dates at the new shop. Heh It was cute. Three connected novellas. A little dated but fun overall

His Best Friend's Sister-- great hero, stubborn ass heroine. It was good overall but lordy girl.

Texas Rebel-- Not bad. The hero had left town 17 years earlier and everyone thought he'd died but he's back and causing a stir especially with his childhood sweet heart that has a secret and married his best friend who's now died. So yes there was some drama. 


Texas Blaze. I do not know about this one. I've just started it and the heroine is a cheater and was with a married man who dumped her when his wife found out so now she's run home to lick her wounds. Maybe it'll be a misunderstanding and she didn't really knowingly sleep with a married man but so far, to me, she's scum. The hero, though, is a good guy. 

A random review request that showed up on the doorstep. I'd not heard of the author before but the cover for All the Flowers in Paris is lovely so might give it a go.


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I think I'm going to have this be last week's planner page because I never have the current spread done in time for this post. lol So here was last week's spread. I loved the colors.


Food was mostly boring this week. Salads and sandwiches and a tofu pad thai. I did make one "fancy" dish. lol Fried gnocchi with eggplant/tomatoes/garlic/basil from the garden. It was pretty tasty!


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Top Ten: Cover Redesigns I Hated

Okay so I'm a cover snob. That's how I pick my books to read. I don't read blurbs. So it's author name and cover. These re-dos...*cringe*

The Erin McCarthy isn't a bad cover on the second one but the first fits it better in my opinion so meh on the re-do. lol







Question: What authors do you always read and recommend?
A: I have a few lately.
--Maisey Yates
--Denise Grover Swank
--Mildred Abbott
--Christina Hovland


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