Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dirty Little Secret- Anthologies. Friend or Foe?

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This week's question...

What is your take on anthologies? Love them? Hate them? And what is the last anthology you've read and enjoyed?

Ahhhh *eye twitch*! Anthologies drive me absolutely batty and yet I have an unstoppable obsession with buying them. I swear I am well and truly broken. They've even got their own bookcase. It's a little one but still ;) I know it must be so hard to get a full story put together in so few pages but the whole insta-lust/love "we just met like an hour ago but lets get nekkid and be madly in love" bit that pops up so often in anthologies just kills me. This chickie needs a little more than that in her romance.  And damn if there isn't always one major dud in the group. And yet...I keep buying them. ::hangs head in shame::

Alright so the best one I've read recently would be The Magical Christmas Cat. Because I found Nalini Singh. And.Oh.My.God. I love her! I was totally smitten by page 5. And it's an entire book about cats. Hello?! Perfect for us! :)

JD Robb, JR Ward, Jill Shalvis and Lori Foster are some of my favorites to find in anthologies. Whew those ladies can write!

So, what about you? Anthologies? Friend or Foe?

[I'll be by to visit everyone later on but I'm so stinking tired I need a nap first :) ]


  1. The only time I really pick up an anthology is if it is erotic romance ;) A lot of ER authors are hit or miss with their ability to incorporate good story with steamy stuff.l So, an anthology usually gives me an idea of how good they are at the 'great balancing act'. So what if I want substance with my smut? LOL

    I'm going with Friend on this one :)

    1. LOL. Nice. I think I'm going with friendly foe :) I haven't picked up an erotic romance anthology. That's a really good call. I like a bit of substance with my smut too ;)

      Thanks for stopping by CaroleDee! Hope you're having a great start to the weekend!

  2. I do like anthologies. Sometimes I don't like to read a series straight through so I'll pick up an anthology and read one of the stories in between the series books. And sometimes I don't want to start a long book so I'll pick up an anthology. For example, let's say it's Monday evening and a new book I've been waiting for is coming out Tuesday. I've just finished a book but don't want to get involved in another long one (since I'm gonna start on the new release as soon as I get it in my hands) I'll pick up an anthology. Some are better than others and I really enjoy Lori Foster's.

    1. That is a very good use for them! Love Lori Foster's anthologies. I never hesitate to pick one up if she's in it. The one's I've read with Jill Shalvis are really good too. She's great at short stories.


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