Thursday, September 27, 2012

Romance Book Junkies Read-a-thon! Sept 27-29!

Alright! We just joined in on our first Read-A-Thon! So excited :) 

It's being hosted by Danielle over at Romance Book Junkies
It's her first time hosting and she's set up a great couple of days with contests and all kinds of goodies!

The big goal is to read for 24 total hours from September 27th to 29th! Love it!

Interested in joining up? Hope over to their site and find out how!


So. My schedule. ::snort:: I'm not even gonna pretend like I have a plan. <g>

Saturday night I'm working an overnight 8 hour shift at our airport's USO center so will probably get a chunk of reading done then since it's usually quiet but other than that I really don't have a "plan" and will just be free reading and keeping track. Hope that's okay ladies!

I've do have a couple books I want to get to...
Broken (Women of the Otherworld, # 6)
Since it's due at the library really really soon.
And I'm a bit behind on the WOTO reading challenge.

Under Her Skin
Love these authors!
And it's my "Random Reads" pick this month so I've gotta finish it, like, now.

Rev It Up (Black Knights, Inc., #3)
This one's on my Review Pile and really needs to be gotten to. 
Fingers crossed :)

If I still have time I'm thinking one of these two. 
Another one from the Random Reads Meme and one from the Review Pile.
The Stranger I Married Justice at Cardwell Ranch

So that's my kinda, sorta plan. LOL. 

Have any of yall done a Read-a-thon? 
Are you joining in on the Romance Book Junkies' Read-a-thon?
Read any of these? Did ya like them?


  1. Well, I have not done a read a thon. But I am so up for this one. :-) I will find out what I have to do. And sorry, no, I have not read any of those books. We dont have to read certain books, do we? I am pushing forward on this really long, but rather so/so good book. Sort of forcing myself, it really could easily be half as long as it has been so far. haha
    Now what??
    lisakhutson (at) [cox] dot net

    1. Hi Lisa! Hope you'll join in :) Danielle's got some really excellent prizes for the read-a-thon. You don't have to read any specific books. Just whatever's on your tbr list right now. I'm pushing through one of those books too but great motivation to get it done, right?

      The sign up is here:

      Then the opening post explaining what to do next is here

      You don't have to have a blog to participate. I didn't see one linked to your profile so if you join in and want to I'd be happy to add posts at herding cats for you with your goals/progress/whatnot. Just let me know.

  2. Just posted on RBJ, love their acronym. haha I am a slow reader, so we will see what happens....

    1. Right? It's a pretty good one :) I'm a medium reader but I don't think it really matters if we finish 1 book or 10. Just hitting the 24 hours of reading :) I'm going to try for 2 since this one's pretty slow going so far. But never know!

  3. Two books in 24 hours is pretty darn good! And if I can get 24 hours in on these 3 days,I will be doing really good! haha But heck, yea, I will try.
    What does that mean...about posting my progress? Sure...Sounds fun.
    As I said, I am half way on Love Unscripted. I found out after starting it, 663 pages. What? Yep...I am at 49%. Its on kindle. Its pretty good. Just long winded. Which should really suit me great. Since I am also long winded. haha But it really could be told with soooo many fewer words. I have such a huge wonderful tbr collection. Both kindle & pb. So I will decide between Julian Quinn & Sylvia Day after I finish. :-)

    1. Holy that's a really long book! One of the ones I'm going for is 3 novellas so not too bad.

      Posting your progress? I think what I'm gonna do is at the end of each day do a quick post like this one with how many hours I got in and a picture of what I was reading. Maybe a sentence of if I'm liking it or not. So a real quick/easy post. If you want yours added to the post I'd do an Anna's... then a Lisa's... with whatever we got done :)

    2. that sounds fun! Sure. A little encouragement too. haha Husband does not understand things like this at all. He rolls his eyes when I give warning. haha I do have to go to the post office and quick stop at the grocery store. then I am home and planning to spend most of the day reading!!! :-) Hope I can finish the never ending book today! haha
      Do you know "its the song that never just goes on and on my friend...." haha

    3. LOL. Yeah my fam doesn't get it either. Oh unforuntely yes I know it and that feeling well. That was me and 50 Shades. It just. wouldn't. end. lol. Hope you had a good reading day. I got a couple hours in then crashed so am just picking up again for the afternoon :)

      Alright, when you're done for the day shoot me a note either on FB or at with what ya got done and want in the post. :)


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