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How to Murder a Millionaire (Blackbird Sisters #1) by Nancy Martin

From riches to rags. Now Nora has a job as a society page columnist for a Philadelphia paper. This down-and almost-out former debutante is happy to reclaim her place within the city's elite. Until her first party assignment, when she stumbles upon the murdered body of the host--a millionaire art collector and old family friend. 

Her sisters--sexy, hard-edged Emma and flaky earth mother Libby, who has her hands full with husband number two and four kids--only complicate matters as Nora investigates. And meanwhile the son of a rumored New Jersey crime boss is pursuing her with bone-melting com-ons she can barely resist. Priorities, Nora. Thing priorities...

Type: Cozy Mystery, 1st person
Heat: 1 out of 5 (there's one yummy smooch)
Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh, this is so the type of book that'd be safe for me to share with my mom. I mean, other than the pervy old people with their nekkid art collections, of course. Now doesn't that get you curious about this one?! <g>

This was my first book of Martin's and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. The main characters, Nora and Michael, were great and the mystery was actually pretty decent. Martin did a fantastic job of making me look twice at everyone and kept me guessing about who and what was behind the murder of Nora's boss. 

I thought Nora was a very likable heroine. She's a 'get things done' kinda woman and just a good person despite her insane and rather unlikable family. I really enjoyed watching her piece together the mystery and getting to see all the little surprises along the way. 

It was really fun watching her with Michael, the potential love interest and possible mob guy, too. I just loved him! He's rocking the bossy-in-command attitude (kinda reminds me of JD Robb's Roarke) and has a thing about taking care of Nora even if she doesn't want it. He's just a big bruiser of a guy that has a really sweet heart and that might walk on the other side of the law. lol. I loved that little clash in his character. Steam-wise? It's rather tame between them since it's a cozy mystery but there's still one big ol' smooch that's pretty good :) 
"Libby says he's a criminal." 
"Consider the source." She gave up on the stain and stretched out her stiff leg. Then she looked at the ceiling, too. "I thought he was kinda sweet. And Old World sort of guy, who'd maybe kill a man for touching his woman, you know? A little macho. But sweet."
So, not my typical steamy pick but, you know, I really enjoyed How to Murder a Millionaire. It's a light, quick read you can get through in a couple hours. I smiled and laughed along the way and enjoyed the easy flowing mystery and trying to figure out whodunit when everyone seemed just a little bit guilty. I'll definitely be picking up book 2 and recommend it for readers who enjoy a light mystery

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Do you switch up the genres you're reading? Ever read a cozy mystery?
Have you read Nancy Martin? What do you think of Nora? OOoo and the delicious Michael?
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  1. Thanks for the review. This really sounds like a book I would enjoy. And pervy old people with their nekkid art collections had my attention. LOL.
    Sue B

    1. Right Sue? I'm reading along in the book and it definitely caught mine! It's a fun one. I just got book 2 from the library. Can't wait to start it. Hope you enjoy this one!


    2. Forgot to say I do read cozy mysteries but; have not read her books yet. I kind of read many kinds of books.
      Sue B

    3. I'm the same way Sue. I love all types of books. I don't get to the cozy mysteries as often as I should but I really enjoy them when I do pick one up.


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