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4 stars! Wilde for Her (Wilde Security #2) by Tonya Burrows

Former homicide detective Camden Wilde has been in love with his ex-partner, Eva Cardoso, for longer than he cares to admit. Not that it matters. She’s shoved him into the friend zone, and after living through the hell of his parents’ violent deaths, Cam’s unable to give her the idyllic life she secretly desires.

Eva’s never met a person who hasn’t let her down. Cam may be sex personified, but he’s the only man she can trust, and there’s no way she’ll risk their friendship on the off-chance they could be more. Especially not after the one scintillating night she’s trying—and failing—to forget.

When a murder-for-hire contract on his head lands Eva on his doorstep, Cam knows it’s time to put up or shut up. He’s done biding his time, and he’ll be damned if he lets the delectable detective ignore what’s between them, no matter the cost.

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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So. Tonya Burrows. Yeah, her books seriously make me all kinds of reader girl giddy and never fail at leaving a huge smile on my face. And damn, Wilde for Her was no exception. Camden Wilde's life has gotten pretty interesting as of late. His baby brother's gotten married, he totally sexed up his best friend--who he's had a mad crush on for years--and he's had a hit put out on him. And on top of it his best friend Eva is totally wigging over their night of nekked fun and things are hella awkward. Damn, right? Gah, it was good.

Camden is all kinds of alpha male goodness. He's fierce, protective, knows how to rock a headboard, and is just sexy masculine make you drool gorgeous and I gotta say the fact that he's totally smitten with Eva was cute as all get out. Eva was pretty fab too. She's independent, dedicated, hard working and even though she's not the most girlie of girls and can hold her own with the guys she has a soft side and vulnerabilities that keep her likable and relateable.

I loved that Camden and Eva were really friends and you could tell how much they cared about the other from the very start. They're competitive and can give each other hell and whewboy when things get steamy they get steamy. Like bite your lip make you fan yourself steamy. Things also get seriously awkward now and again too as they try to figure out their new relationship and it was the perfect mix of make you uncomfortable, make you blush, fan yourself and chuckle fun.

Eva froze at the erotic growl from downstairs and then flushed even hotter. She should be embarrassed at getting caught masturbating. She wasn't. Instead, the heat came from straight-up, no holds lust.

Cam had his hand on himself, too.

She wished she could see him working himself, that big hand wrapped tight around his thick cock, his back arching into each downward movement, his hard stomach muscles contracting, the cords in his neck taut as he strained toward release.

Oh, God.
Wilde for Her was really a sexy and fun romance with a nice bit of suspense playing in the background as these two feel each other out and try to track down who's behind the hit on Camden's life. There were some nice surprises, sexy, swoon-worthy siblings providing back up and just a sweet romance that kept me reading, smiling and excited to see what will happen next with Wilde Security and it's delectable men.

(and oh hell yeah Camden's a twin so there's two of them! And I'm totally crushing on his 'evil' twin--he's a little scary and damn but that's working for me).

Have you read Burrows? Have a favorite?
Do you like the friends to lovers trope? 

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