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Interview w/ Seleste deLaney-- she's serious about her man candy!

She’s trapped with a man she hates…and can’t resist.

Mercedes boards a cruise frequented by investors with one goal: garner donations for the children’s charity she works for. The man who knocks her off her feet is not part of the plan. Sexy as sin and richer than God, Lucas sets off alarm bells in her head. But then he invites her to join him at the captain’s table to pitch her charity for an onboard fundraiser, and she decides Lucas might not be as bad as she thought.

Lucas is drawn to Mercedes’s spirit—and the fact she doesn’t recognize him. One scintillating night leads to another, but the afterglow is shattered when an early morning phone call reveals his identity as the man whose company is closing on the same property her charity needs.

Feeling betrayed, Mercedes storms out, but Lucas isn’t one to give up when something feels this right. And as much as she fights it, Mercedes can’t stay away from Lucas. But which one of them will seducing the enemy into surrendering?

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Morning Seleste! So nice to have you here. Seducing Her Rival looks amazing. That cover is so going on our Covergasms shelf. LOL
Thanks! It's great to be here. And I LOVE my cover. I have a magnet of it on my fridge. Luckily my kids have reached the point where that stuff doesn't even get noticed. 

Nice. I'd have one on my fridge too! Okay, so, if you had 24 seconds to hook someone what would you tell them about Lucas and Mercedes' story?
The cruise is supposed to be her dream vacation, but now Mercedes is trapped with a man she hates. To make matters worse, she's sure revenge is supposed to taste sweeter than falling for Lucas does. Can she really find happiness with the man who is set to destroy everything she's worked for? Or is he just another path to losing herself? Seducing Her Rival is a sexy story about redemption and finding love where you least expect it.
Sounds good to me! So, can you tell us 3 fun behind the scenes facts about Seducing Her Rival?
1) Mercedes's charity was originally called Children First, and I swear I looked up the name just to make sure there wasn't a charity already using it. One of the first things my editor pointed out was that I had to change the name because there was already a charity called that running out of the NYC public schools. Oops...
2) The dance lesson was added in edits after I attended a rumba class on a cruise. In my case, there was much more tripping over feet and stepping on toes going on, but I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities. 
3) For the longest time, I referred to this as "The Tony Stark and Santana book." Not only because I used the actors as character models (to a degree) but also because the attitude inherent in those two characters spoke to me: him all full of himself and her not willing to take crap from anyone. 
What had you going all *girly swoony* over Lucas? And how did Mercedes win you over?
Honestly what got me about Lucas was the fact that he wanted to be more than his money to Mercedes. Here's a guy who could (metaphorically) buy whatever woman he wanted, but instead he gloms onto her disinterest in what everyone knows him for. There's the man with the money and the man behind the money, I love that he wanted to be the latter for her. (Plus he has a body made for sin and wicked oral skills...always a plus.)
As for Mercedes, she never had to win me over. I liked her from the beginning because, like her, I tend to go with my gut instincts upon meeting people...and over-react the instant there's a red flag thrown. While I have pretty much zero experience with drugs (save a bad reaction to the pain meds they gave me after my first c-section *shudder*), I do know what it's like to have your bad decisions end up with long term consequences for someone else. So, in that way, I understood her need for redemption too. And that feeling can take over your life for a LONG time. 
LOL yes that is always a plus in a hero. ::snort:: Okay, a couple silly ones...

Favorite "couldn't live without it" snack?
I... all of them? I'm trying to break away from snacking right now, but probably my biggest weakness is ice cream...with toppings. I've been hard-core craving vanilla ice cream with strawberries, nutella, and waffle cone bits. *noms*
Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
I actually had to go look. And I'm pretty boring :/ Since I doubt that condoms count, I'd have to go with jewelry, but it's only because I met up with a friend for lunch and she gave me (to give to my daughter) some of her old jewelry she never wears anymore. It's out of my purse now. 
Strangest thing you've google searched in the name of research?
I've looked up so many things. For Seducing Her Rival, I went to great lengths to figure out the logistics of the scene with Mercedes on the bar in Lucas's suite. Since I couldn't find an answer via Google, I had to ask one of my guy friends who was the right height. ...We don't talk about that conversation anymore. *LOL oh that's priceless!*
Things that probably flagged me for FBI watch lists are more along the lines of "how long can a person live after being knifed in the gut" and "cursed paintings" and my favorite (which I did email the FBI about, but they never did get back to me...jerks) "What types of things disqualify a person from becoming a spy?" 
I'm completely freaked out by?
Spiders. I hate them. It's taken me years to get over my arachnophobia enough to kill the little ones on my own...and leave the ones outside alone as long as they leave me alone.
Favorite man candy?
I hope this is not a "you can only pick one" deal...
For the arms.... Jeremy Renner
 And the hottie in this pushup pic (if anyone knows who he is, please share!)

For the voice (going top three)... 
Christian Kane, Jensen Ackles and Charlie Hunnam
Long-time crushes... 
Bruce Willis and Mark Valley 
There are more--many more--but I'll stop there for today ;-) 
LOL Seleste I don't think anyone else has gone for the man candy with such enthusiasm. That was excellet! Thanks so much for dropping by I can't wait to meet these two :)
Thanks for having me, and I hope you enjoy the book!

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