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My Immortal Highlander by Lynsay Sands and Hannah Howell

Ahhh highlanders. Damn but I love those sexy alpha males. This was my first time reading both Sands and Howell and even with a bit of trouble with one of the novellas it was a fun read.
As identical twins, Bothan and Calum MacNachton share a bond stronger than most brothers, one forged by a terrible secret. Rumors and dark tales have been whispered about their clan for centuries. For they roam the Highlands at night, driven by a savage hunger that can never be sated. Their only hope lies in marriage to Outsiders, mortal women whose pure blood will weaken the hold of their eternal curse.

Kenna Brodie and Sarra DeCourcey know what it is to stand apart. They've heard the terrible, whispered warnings, but nothing could prepare them for the handsome brothers whose fierce, unyielding desires are beyond any legend...

What Bothan and Calum promise is a life unlike any Kenna and Sarra have ever known. Now, Kenna and Sarra must choose whether to betray their dark lords or stand and fight for a passion that will never die...

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The Hunt by Hannah Howell
Type: Paranormal/Historical Romance, 1500s
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5
So, The Hunt. Kenna has been forced from her home by her corrupt uncle who demands she kill one of the MacNachton clan members--who he considers evil-- if she wants to come back home. Ah the dramas and the makings for a tension filled first meet when Kenna and Bothan-a MacNachton-- both seek shelter in the same cavern during a storm.

There were a lot of things I enjoyed about the novella. Kenna and Bothan were great characters and I liked their dynamic together, they've both got paranormal elements to themselves and just fit nicely. I liked that they came together to deal with her evil uncle and eliminate the treat he posed to them both. It was just a nice set up and romance.
"E'en worse, I begin to think that my uncle had every intention of using my death against your clan."

Bothan nodded. "Aye, I wondered on that."

"But why should he? Ye have done naught to him, have ye? Do ye e'en ken who Kelvyn Brodie is?

"Nay, I have ne'er e'en met the mon. Dinnae think any of my clan has, either. 
But, whew, the brogue. Howell does not have a light touch where the Scottish burr is concerned and it made for some seriously slow reading on my part. There were also some consistency issues that while not horrible were distracting. Overall, it was an enjoyable read that gave me a couple laughs and made me smile despite the issues but just didn't 'wow' me.

The Rescue by Lynsay Sands

Type: Paranormal Historical Romance, Vampires
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Lynsay Sands totally won me over with The Rescue. Seriously. Adored. It. Roused from his sleep by a God awful racket Calum rushes to the rescue of... a woman singing to herself in the river. ::snort:: However a real danger suddenly appears as a group of men attempt to kidnap her. It was just so much fun to read. It's a bit silly now and again but it's filled with lovely characters, humor, a little bit of sexy and just had me smiling from start to finish.

Sarra and Calum were both fantastic and had me chuckling quite a bit as she brings him home with her to recover from the injuries he received rescuing her.  Sarra, well, she was a feisty one and completely clumsy in an endearing way. She's sweet and caring and willing to throw a punch or two-- or rather knock the hell out of someone with a log--if the situation requires it and she lets a smitten horse follow her around. And Calum is just sexy as all get out. He's growly *swoons* fierce and entertainingly exasperated that she's calling his many beastly horse "Pretty Boy". The two were a hoot together.
Sarra glanced over her shoulder to see that Calum had returned. Nodding, she ran her hand down the horse's nose, then caught his reins and turned to lead the way out of the cell. The horse followed docilely.

"Yer ruinin' me beast," Calum muttered as she led the horse past him.

"He is not a beast, he is a pretty boy," Sarra said firmly and was sure she heard the man growl. For some reason the sound made her smile. 
This was just a great read that flew by before I realized it I was so lost in the story. The added danger with her scheming neighbor trying to kidnap her, some emotional moments with her family and just a wonderful romance made for a delightful time. I'd so love to see more from these two and can't wait to pick up my next from Sands.

Have you read Howell or Sands? What did you think?
Have a favorite highlander?

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