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Quote-tastic (30) ---The beat of my heart...

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Ah yeah. Yall know I love Erin McCarthy. Her next book out in Dec, Full Throttle, was fantastic. Thought I'd share a couple from it this week. So. Rhett the hero. He's the baby of a huge family and everyone's always harping a bit on him that he needs to lighten up because all that serious, dominating vibe he's throwing out there just scares the ladies but really he's just a bit...misunderstood. lol

A tap on her arm made Shawn jump. She glanced over and saw Eve and Nolan watching them in amusement. 

"You do know you're slow dancing to nothing, don't you? The music stopped sixty seconds ago."

Oh, Lord, she was right. The dance floor was completely empty except for them.

"But the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum." Rhett said, deadpan.

Shawn lost it, laughter spilling out. That was such a Rhett comeback, and she loved it.

Nolan shook his head. "Bro, my hat is off to you. You managed to find the one woman in the world that doesn't think you're a freak."
Okay, and one a little naughty for all of yall that were around during the purple pussy eater vibrator debate on Facebook. And, yeah, purple really does seem to be the favorite vibe color of choice. Anyways, these two are in a marriage of convenience. She has to marry in order to keep her inheritance and their deal is they get married (sex included) and well it starts out a little awkward... 
"Seriously, what is that? It sounds like..." And Rhett peeled the side of her comforter back, not exposing her, but exposing her little friend. Who was not so little. It was a healthy-sized purple sparkly vibrator, with rabbit clitoral stimulation. Fuck yeah. "A vibrator."

Shawn screamed, "Rhett! Get the hell out of my bedroom!" She tried to flip the comforter back over the sex toy, only he had a firm grip on it, and they engaged in a brief tug of war over the fabric before she gave up and changed tactics, grabbing the vibrator and stuffing it under her pillow. "Go. Away." 

He would, if he could walk. But he was afraid he might injure himself if he tried to move. "Shawn. I'm going to ask you a very serious question. Why are you getting yourself off with a vibrator when I could do that for you? We are married, you know. Married people have sex."
"It's the principle," she told him. "I don't want you to think I'm easy."

Rhett raised his eyebrows. "Will all due respect, sweetheart, I'm not sure how your date with the purple pussy eater is making you look disinterested in sex."

"Uh!" Color rose in her cheeks, and she picked up her pillow and smacked him with it. "I thought you were decent enough to respect my privacy and not enter a room with a closed door! And didn't your mother tell you not to mention to a lady that she is using a vibrator? It's rude!"

That made him laugh. "That is not a conversation I've had with my mother, no. Generally speaking, we steer clear of politics and battery-operated sex toys in our chats."

She hit him again, harder this time, the pillow making a nice thumping sound in the quiet room.

Rhett ripped the pillow out of her hand. "Knock it off."

"Fuck you."

"I wish you would."

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