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Quote-tastic (28)-- Do you feel the breeze?

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So a little different this week :) One of my local authors had a birthday this weekend so we're kinda celebrating her today with one of my favorite quotes from her current series. They're historical western romances and just so blasted good! The heroes and heroines always have that fiery butt heads all the time thing going on and I just love that. The heroines are usually pretty unique too like the the heroine in Caleb being a blacksmith :) Anyways. Happy birthday to Miss Emma! Oh and she writes as Beth Williamson too.

Okay, so in Caleb the heroine was injured and these happened after. She's a bit loopy in the first one and it just had me chuckling...
She giggled, startling him. "Your lashes are ridiculously long, did you know that? Do you feel a breeze when you blink?"
"I have trouble showing appreciation." Her confession surprised him.

"I noticed."

"You would mention it too." She closed her eyes. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." He smoothed her limp hair off her forehead. "Now first thing we're going to do is get you clean, because woman, you stink."


"I aim to please."

The corner of her mouth twitched. "I think I'd like to get clean. I can smell myself."

Caleb barked a laugh. "I guess that's when you know you need to find soap." He missed sparring with her. It was good, better than good, to have her back.
Brody was my favorite of the series. Totally smitten with this guy. This one is a tiny bit spoilery since its his confession but really you know they're gonna end up together so hopefully yall don't mind. I just loved the scene...
"I ain't good at talking, especially to women, and I sure as hell ain't no catch. I'm mean, stubborn and talk hardly at all."

"You paint quite a picture for me, Brody." The little minx raised one brow.

Tell her NOW.

He almost felt the cork pop within him and words started pouring out of his mouth. "I can't imagine spending one more minute of my life without you by my side. I want to marry you, Olivia Graham, and spend the rest of my life making love to you, waking up beside you and growing old with you. I want to make beautiful babies who have their mama's eyes. I want to go to sleep each night with your face the last thing I see before I shut my eyes."

Brody approached the tub and dropped to his knees. His voice cracked like a young boy's when he finally said the words they both needed to hear. "I love you."
So, those are my favorites. And OooOoo such lickable, pet-abe covers. 

You can find the series...
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