Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#FavoriteHeroines2015 Blog Giveaway Hop! June 17-24th

June 17th-24th we're sharing our favorite kickass heroines! Come meet these awesome ladies and find out why they're the best of the best. Be sure to stop by each blog. There's a giveaway at every stop!

Yay! Heroines! Alright. So I notoriously have trouble with heroines. But! I do have a few that I love with a ridiculous passion. And today I'm focusing on one....

My all time favorite heroine... Eve Dallas from JD Robb's In Death Series.

If you haven't met her yet Eve is just flat out amazing. She's a police lieutenant and totally bad ass.

She's non nonsense, does whatever she needs to do to get the bad guy and protect those around her and is so socially awkward it's endearing.

She's very non-girlie and just doesn't get a lot of things when it comes to being social or having relationships of any kind other than work related. Doesn't get a lot of what women do...dressing up, anything frilly, girls night outs or any sort of beauty or spa type things.

And that's kind of why I adore her. She is who she is and makes no apologies for it.

If you haven't read the series it's a futuristic cop mystery series with romance added in. It follows Eve and her husband Roarke (my favorite ever hero) as they meet, fall in love, get married and deal with married life over the years. I love watching her slowly make friends, learn to be loved and just become a more balanced person once she meets Roarke. She's just a fabulous lady and one I think everyone needs to meet :D

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Favorite Heroines Hop

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