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Quote-tastic/Review-- bwok bwok-- Nauti Deceptions by Lora Leigh

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Ahhh Lora Leigh. So I love the Nauti Series. I read it ages ago but just now having space to post to the blog. I seriously hardcore loved this one. Older hero, fiercely determined heroine, yummy sex. A little action on the suspense side. Total book noms.

He sat still as she moved. As she slid over him like satin silk, those leather legs straddling his thighs, the damp heat of her pussy settling over the denim-covered length of his tortured cock.

"I'd say bwok-bwok, but I think you need a more direct approach." She breathed against his lips. "I have no fear, Sheriff, because you know what I know?"

His hands slid to her hips; his fingers pressed into the leather covered flesh.

"What do you think you know?"

"I know," she crooned, "the big, bad sheriff is all talk and no action. Sheriff Mayes, you're chicken. One big hard-on-packing coward when it comes to something more than a quick little fuck in the dark. You don't have the guts to give more of yourself than that, and we both know it."

A hard-on-packing coward!

His hand slid to her neck, then into her hair. His fingers fisted into the curls and the dominance inside him broke loose. He lost control, and for the first time in his life he didn't even attempt to pull it back or attempt to often it.

A hard smile pulled at his lips instead.

"Remember, Rogue, you made the dare."

"It wasn't a dare. It's the truth," she charged relentlessly. "What's wrong, Zeke, afraid I don't tame as easily as your other women?"

He hoped to hell she didn't, because he was damned if tame was what he wanted.
Nauti Deceptions (Nauti #5) by Lora Leigh

I was so sad to see this series end even if it did so with a phenomenal bang! Kickass alpha male, a heroine with an incredible backbone and some nice sass to her, danger, scorching sex and an exciting storyline. I mean, really, what's not to like? Nauti Deceptions was a hot little romantic suspense and, whewboy, I was totally smitten with Rogue and Zeke as the sheriff knocks down her defenses and finds his hands pleasantly--and exasperatingly--filled.

Alright so the quick of this one is that there's a group called the Freedom League and they're pretty much scum and are once again causing trouble. This time with murders happening and Zeke's past being dredged up--his wife was murdered--and dragging both Zeke and Rogue--the younger woman he tries his best to resist--into a dangerous hunt for the truth. Ahhh. So exciting! Add into the mix that she's still fighting a sex scandal--even though she's still a virgin--and, yeah, things are definitely interesting.

I loved Rogue and Zeke. There's a rather large age difference between them--11ish years--and their experience sexually are vastly different--she's a virgin and his tastes run a little dark--but oh it worked! Poor Zeke. Rogue has totally fucked with his head. He wants her something fierce but is kinda chicken shit when it comes to her. He's "too old" for her and doesn't want to let his darker tastes touch her. Oh poor stupid man. It makes for some damn fine sexual tension though. And, whew, the fire between them is something else. Rogue is not one to hold her tongue and lets him know exactly what she wants--all of him and his rough edges--and that he needs to man up and come get it. Bwaha. She may be a virgin but she's totally in touch with her sexuality.

Rogue was an awesome heroine. She's tough and has a spine of steel. She keeps her head held high no matter that people talk about her and judge her. Which was just impressive. She definitely had a strength past her tender age. Zeke was pretty great too. I loved the intensity about him and, yes, even his struggles when it came to Rogue. He's also a daddy and I totally have a thing for single dads-- even if his kid is dang near grown. It made for some interesting and on occasion embarrassing scenes when some hot and heavy moments with Rogue got interrupted. Heh.

There are some twists and turns along the way as they tried to figure out what was behind a couple of local murders and a bit of a surprise in the end. I love when I think I have everything all figured out and turns out I didn't see everything.

From the incredible sexual tension and fantastic romance to the suspense and danger Nauti Deceptions was just a great end to the series. From start to finish Leigh did an excellent job of creating a series where none of the elements over powered the others. The sex is scorching hot and steamy but there were actual relationships to go with it and they felt...believable. Plots and suspense balanced the romance out nicely as well keeping things slightly on edge and exciting. Just a great job all around and a series I'm sure I'll give another read to one day.

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