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Quote-tastic/Review-- shut up and kiss me?! -- Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

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Sooooo. Jill Shalvis. Yall know I love me some Jill Shalvis. Her books are just so damn fun. And she's quirky as hell which totally works for me. Anywho. She's got a new series and I just couldn't resist. And couldn't resist sharing a handful of quotes. lol I have no willpower when it comes to picking just one. Sooo. To kick things off....

"Maybe we could just deal with Gray directly," Lily said.

He gave a slow shake of his head. "Why?"

She tried not to notice how his T-shirt had stretched itself nearly beyond it's limits to cover his broad shoulders. Or how the shirt was only partially tucked in at his abs. Or that he smelled fantastic. "It'd make things easier," she said.

"For who?"

She stared at him. Was the air suddenly too thick to breathe or was that just her? "Me," she admitted.

He cocked his head. "Maybe I'm not interested in making things easier for you," he said so casually that it took a moment for the words to process. By the time it sank in, he'd changed out the blown fuse and was gone.

Jonathan was still grinning.

"Why are you smiling like that?" she asked irritated.

"Because this is going to be fun."
Ahhhh! And it was fun! It really was! This made me snort too. I love the whole kissing them to shut them up bit. Heh 
The corner of his mouth quirked. "Did you just kiss me to shut me up?" he asked.

She blew out a sigh. "It made a lot more sense in my head."
 And this. Because...really?! lol
Lily laughed, but Jonathan didn't. "You serious?" she asked.

"As a midget at a nudist colony." he said.
And this too. Because amen to that! 
"Life's too short for fake butter, dip or people."

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Second Chance Summer (Cedar Ridge #1) by Jill Shalvis 

There are some authors that are like your favorite pair of comfy pajamas. They just make you want to snuggle down, give a happy sigh and bask a little because they feel so good. Getting a brand new series from Jill Shalvis to dive into and explore? comfy pajama bliss.

The quick of it is that Lily's life has fallen apart and she'd had to go back to her home town to lick her wounds for a while. The biggest issue...the man who broke her heart years ago is a major player in town since his family owns the local resort and he's nursing a broken heart from all those years ago too. 

Aidan and Lily. Aws. I love those second chance romances and these two were! They had a rough go of it years earlier with devastating trauma that pulled them apart. Seeing them back together and having to deal with each other. I just love that kind of thing especially when you can tell how perfect they are for each other. That there's still that attraction and pull after so many years. There are some hard moments, some funny. Some that if you were them would totally make you twitch. They definitely had a long way to go but were worth the wait for things to kick into place. They're likable people and were just yummy on their own. I mean. He's a fireman and does Search&Rescue. He's also serious about his family and doing whatever he can to be there for them. Just a good guy. And Lily is working so hard to survive and put her life back together. Gotta love that. The romance was a little slower moving but it worked and the sexual tension that backed it up was fantastic. 

While I loved the romance and it's slower building discovery my favorite thing about the book was the secondary cast and what they meant to Aidan and Lily. His myriad of siblings, his mom, her best friend. I loved getting to meet them all. Seeing the hilarious moments, the completely heart touching ones, the teasing and ways the siblings annoyed each other or his mother made him cringe with her dating antics. It was just a wonderful group of slightly quirky characters that made me want to be right there with them as they hung out, dealt with each other and were there to support one another when needed. They really have me stoked to see what will happen next with the series.

All in all, Second Chance Summer was a lovely start to what looks like a very promising new series. It was everything I love about Shalvis. Hot hunky hero, sassy heroine, humor, love, family, community. They're books that just make you feel good and leave you smiling! Best feeling.

Have you read Shalivs? Do you have a favorite?
Any second chance romances you love?


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