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Tasty Delights--No Bake Chocolate Torte w/ Strawberries

Tasty Delights and Dazzling Disasters is all about playing in the kitchen and having some fun.

I'll share my delights and my disasters. Yall feel free to join in and create your own posts, share your favorite recipes, what have you. If you have a recipe suggestion just let me know!

A couple weeks back there was a video floating around Facebook and I decided I had to try it. A chocolate torte with an oreo crust. *noms* It was supposed to be crazy easy and fast and tasty too.

Wells. I had one of those at least. It was delicious! But since I try not to eat much dairy these days...easy and fast kind of turned into dazzling disaster before becoming a tasty delight....

Okay. So. Very few ingredients. Yay!
It calls for plain oreos and heavy whipping cream.
I'm, erm, difficult so went with mint oreos (and OMG those are delicious! I'm surprised they even made it to being a crust) and almond milk to replace the cream (and yeah that...was an issue)

Anywho. You grind up the Oreos and add melted butter.

Then grind them some more and they get all clumpy. Like so. And then you just press into your pan. You need to use a pan that has a pop outable bottom. 

Then make up your filling. Yeah. Issue. But at the point of the pics I had NO idea it would be.
Just heat your cream or milk on the stove then pour over your chocolate chips.
Allow to sit a couple minutes then mix with a spoon until completely combined and chips are melted.

Then pour into dish!

Add on your strawberry sliced <and yeah THIS was where my ass should have been going 'hold the phone'> Notice how those strawberries have sunken in a bit...yeah. They shouldn't have. They should more perch on the chocolate. My chocolate was way too watery.

Anywho. The next step is to let it set in the fridge for 2ish hours....

5 hours later mine still did this....

Son of a mother!

Ahhhhhh! Yeah. It was a total Dazzling Disaster. lol
But...we shall fix the blunder.

Soooo. That's what an Oreo crust looks like when you spoon out all of the chocolate filling to try again. Oys!

I poured the chocolate mix into a glass dish and added a lot more chocolate chips.
Then poured back in the crust and refrigerated.
And behold!! 30 minutes later....perfection!

Okay. So I learned that even if the whipped cream and the almond milk (I actually used cashew milk despite the picture. I know. I lied!!! lol but it was open and the almond I thought was opened wasn't. Anyways) have the same consistency. They won't turn out the same when used for baking/cooking/etc. I really needed to have lowered the amount of milk or upped the chocolate like I ended up doing. 

And it turned out quite yummy on the second go. This does need to be served quickly out of the fridge. It doesn't melt exactly but loses form fairly quickly once it's out in room temperature. It freezes fine as well and is easy to eat even when frozen. It never gets too hard. Or at least mine with the cashew milk didn't. 

Totally making this again. It was delicious even with the disastery bits. Very rich though. You could have a very thin slice and be content. 

Do you have a favorite chocolate torte?
What was YOUR last disaster? Were you able to turn it back into a Tasty Delight?

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