Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Insta- Wednesday: Christmas woohoo!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's last couple weeks ala Instagram :) And ack! the last one of 2016!

I love my town at Christmas. Just little touches but it looks so darn cute!

So the other day I was all... OMG where is Kiwi? I haven't seen her in a while!! And I started checking all her usual spots and freaking out even more because she's not in any of them!!! And right before full panic mode hit I spotted her...on the chair that was RIGHT NEXT to where I'd been sitting when I first realized I hadn't seen Kiwi in a while. 

*hangs head*

The curse of having too many black cats strikes with picture proof. #WeDoRotundWell #PlusBabyG

Okay. I know I'm not supposed to be buying any food in Dec (ala my Reboot goals) but I couldn't resist this one. Usually they're $4.99 a container.
But there was a flash sale coupon on the store FB page making them 99 cents each.
THEN at the store they were buy one get one free.
So I got all of these for 4.99. Yep. Couldn't pass that up. lol

Our town had a North Pole Express this year. So BabyG dropped a letter in Santa's Mailbox...

Dear Santa--

I can explains. Really I's been a good kitten.

Mom's drink fell overs all on its own. No paws involved. 

And I swears I ain't giving AddiCat the stink eye! She's just a big ol drama cat. 

I swears I was good. I snuggled mom and purred lots and was real cute.

I'd really like some kitty nip.

~From the Desk of Santa Claus~

Dear Baby G,
What fun it was to read your letter! Mrs Claus and I like your drawing very much!

The elves are hard at work right now! I see you'd like some kitty nip under the tree this year. Stay good all the way 'til Christmas Day, and I'll see what I can do for you.

Remember to meow and purr Christmas songs this year! They truly are the best way to spread Christmas cheer. 

I look forward to stopping in on Christmas Eve!

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Santa Claus
(aka "Sandy Claws")

::snort:: I don't know if she's as amused as I was. lol

Sometimes you just need to snuggle your mom. - #BabyG

The noms...

A Gladys sized lump. 
#SouthernCats #ThisCold #yakiddingme #LifeUnderBlankets

Not cool, human. Not cool.

Yep. When you're allergic to... the fake Christmas tree. Lol

Endless help. Has it.

Made a giant cookie!
Aaaaand... we're having cookie omelette. lol #domesticgoddessintraining

Christmas and Hanukkah at the airport.

Still helpful...

Yall I'm so stinking excited for 2017.
Got my planner ready and my mission figured out.
One thing I'm going to do is record one thing that made me happy/smile/was just awesome each day of the year. I have these little decorative boxes to add to each day of my planner for that. Yay!

If you do a photo post on your blog or FB feel free to link yourself in :)
Or just add a photo from the week to your comment!

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