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4 stars-- Mistletoe Games Anthology by Jaci Burton

Hockey! Baseball! Surfers! A plethora of sexy athletes ready to heat up the holidays. Noms! Mistletoe Games was a solid Christmas anthology that'll get a girl all hot and bothered and quite possibly on Santa's Naughty List.

One thing before you dive in. All of the novellas in this anthology have been previously released in ebook format so double check before you one-click. I don't want anyone disappointed because they've already read them.

A little about each. And yall...these covers! #Dies #Covergasms

Holiday Games (Play by Play #6.5)

Type: Contemporary     Rating: 3     Heat: 3

Holiday Games is a little catch me up with Gavin and Liz who are trying to have a baby and having no luck. It hops between them heating up the sheets--woo!-- and going to wedding events for their friends Ty and Jenna.
"You're right. I guess I've bitten off more than I can chew, and I need some help."

"I'll be happy to be your bitch tomorrow (hero)."

She laughed. "I'm going to remember you said that."
Sweet and Sexy. I loved seeing Gavin and Liz. They're one of my favorite couples so seeing them madly in love even if things weren't going as planned was great. I really wish the novella had focused on just them and not quite as much on the group activities-- dress fittings, girls weekends away, bachelor/ette parties, rehearsal dinner and Christmas. It was just a bit too focused on seeing everyone else for my taste.

Overall, a decent read with enjoyable bits but not a knock out and very much for those who have read in the series and not a standalone.

Holiday on Ice (Play by Play #8.5)

Type: Contemporary    Rating: 4     Heat: 3

Oh Jaci Burton does know how to do it right. Total *girly Christmas-infused sigh*. Holiday on Ice was the perfect readery treat to get me in the holiday spirit and a super sexy-sweet romance as Trick and Stella amp up their previously casual fling and find something to truly celebrate for Christmas. It was a quickie read but oh it was lovely. Romance. Passion. Some hockey thrown into the mix. A little history to work through. Lots of laughs and some serious fan yourself moments. Whew boy!.
Damn tight jeans women wore, making it hard for a man to get his hands inside. While he sure appreciated the effect when he looked at her, it wasn't making his job any easier. He tugged one side, then the other, finally sighing in frustration.

"Christ. Are these things glued on?"

She laughed "I have every confidence you can get my pants off."

"Never failed before."

He struggled his way past the offending denim, finally dragging the jeans down her legs and off. "The things you women go through." he said, happy to see red silk panties.
Burton really delivered a fabulous holiday romance with Holiday on Ice. It was the perfect combo of fun and sexy, romance and getting to see them both on the job. Heartwarming holiday spirit that gave me the warm fuzzies and left me smiling. A total Christmasy romance delight!

Full review here.

Hot Holiday Nights (Play by Play #10.5)

Type: Erotic, Menage     Rating:  4    Heat: 4

Hot dayum! Now Hot Holiday Nights brought the heat! Best way to spend Christmas vacation? A hot holiday fling with one very sexy younger man. How to make it even better? And his best friend into the mix! Oh yes. Tori is totally joining Santa's Naughty List.

Whew, boy! Yall, I was expecting hot, sexy, fun romance with a little Christmas spirit. I was NOT expecting a menage. But oh it was a nice little treat full of all my favorite things-- sports, Christmas, double-cocked fun. And awesome characters. A confident no-nonsense heroine, a younger hero full of charm and life and a sexy older hero who grounded them all. They all fit nicely together. Had easy repertoire and dynamic chemistry.

I was a happy happy girl watching Victoria snag herself a couple hunky surfers. Hot Holiday Nights was one sexy Christmas fling. It's a light read and perfect for warming up a chilly winter day. It works well as a standalone .

Full review here.

Holiday Games
For the high-achieving Elizabeth and her husband, baseball player Gavin Riley, failure is not an option. So when it comes to making a baby, they’re not about to let any holiday distractions get in the way of their necessary pleasures...

Holiday on Ice
It’s the season for giving and superstar hockey player Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer is ready to give dancer Stella Slovinski his heart wrapped up in bow. But he’ll have to melt the ice surrounding her heart to keep her from walking away...

Hot Holiday Nights
Christmas in Hawaii brings sports agent Tori Baldwin two presents: a young surfer at the top of his game and his business manager. But this hot threesome has to decide if the romantic wave they’ve caught is nothing more than a vacation fling, or the kind of love that could change their lives forever...


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