Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- December-- Thank Goodness 2016 is over!

Woohoo! *flails with excitement* 2016 is nearly over! Only a couple more hours. Yall I'm so ready for 2017! 2016 ended on a pretty good note here but man it was a rough year for the herd and our family on a personal front. I've already told the herd-- in very stern terms-- that no one is allowed to get sick in 2017. No kitty nip if they don't listen! lol

Okay so December adventures on the home front. Erm. I got to visit with an author friend again! Woo! PA DePaul came through my area and we closed down a restraunt gossiping and chatting books. Always so fun. I did some adventures arund town. I put my Reboot posts on pause but I did keep doing things. Our town tree ligting, visiting one of the local museums that was done up for the holidays, mailing a letter to Santa in our town's Polar Express. I hung out at the USO quite a bit and had a nice Christmas, too. Not a bad month!

On the blog front. Authors for the Holidays happened! Food, recommendations, authors! Our last stopped by today. The giveaway will be open for another week so stop by all their posts and check them out! There were a lot of fun ones :D

Noteworthy Posts: A naughty Merry Christmas! from me,  my Top 20 Reads from 2016, Authors for the Holidays aaaand
Challenges I'm participating in during 2017! Plus events I'm hosting if you want to join in!

I've decorated! I'll have a slightly new look in 2016...maybe.
The last couple weeks I've been making tweaks to graphics and having fun with it :) Hope yall will like the changes!

All the Reading Challenges! HERE

Looking for a reading challenge for 2017? Come check them out!
I'm hosting... Blogger Shame, Read All the Books, Pervy Girl, Pick Your Genre and New to Me Challenge.

I'm contemplating a Blogger Bingo that has all kinds of blogger girl tasks you check off. We shall see :D

A light review month since we had so many authors visiting but still some good ones! 

Total Reviews: 11
New to Me Authors: 1
Favorite Read:  The Lawman
Towards Challenges: 11

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