Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tasty Delights-- Pesto Flatbread w/ Zucchini, Broccoli and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

So. This is a recipe I never would have tried without the HelloFresh boxes. I mean. NEVER. lol

Pesto? What amounts to pizza without tomato sauce? Broccoli and zucchini on said broccoli and zucchini tainted pizza? Sun-dried tomatoes? NEVER, yall. Ne-vah.

But, yall. This was SO freaking good! I'd originally figured I'd try a little and toss the rest but nope. I ate the whole dang thing in one sitting. Color me really damn surprised. I woulda ate the second one right then too but I was trying to be good. lol

All very simple ingredients. They called this baby broccoli. *shrugs*

Slice things up...and cook until tender-crisp.

Then layer ingredients.
Spread flatbreads with pesto, mozzarella, the sauted broccoli and zucchini and then top with the chopped up sun-dried tomatoes. 

I LOVE the color pop with the greens and reds. This would be a fun Christmas meal, I think. Not for like Christmas day but if you have family staying for the week it would be nice for a random meal.

Then bake until the cheese is all melty. About 7 minutes.

Seriously. It was SO good! Took about 15 minutes to make start to finish and really had an excellent flavor and texture. And smelled fantastic. I've not cooked with sun-dried tomatoes before and wow they pack a punch! And in a great way. They added a delicious layer to the dish and kept me from missing my marinara sauce. Pretty dang impressive because I am ALL about my tomato sauces. lol

*links to HelloFresh and the recipe on their site

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