Friday, June 23, 2017

4 stars-- Every Crooked Nanny, To Live and Die in Dixie & Homemade Sin by Kathy Hogan Trocheck


I picked up my first from Kathy Hogan Trocheck aka Mary Kay Andrews when browsing audio books at my library. They had cute covers and I was up for some mystery so... I jumped in. And had a blast!

So the quick of the series is that Callahan used to be a police officer but now she owns a cleaning service. She and her crew keep stumbling upon strange disappearances and murders and it pulls her back into that investigative lifestyle because Callahan cannot let things go. lol She's a little abrasive, determined, and has a kind heart even if she tries to hide it a little. I'm really enjoying her and the people that surround her.

You can tell these titles are older---they originally came out in the 90s and it shows in a few spots with the investigation/dialogue but it wasn't bad and worked for me overall. So a bit about each of the three I've listened to so far!

Every Crooked Nanny (Book 1)-- 4 stars
I had a lot of fun with Every Crooked Nanny. The mystery easily pulled me in and the characters kept my attention as they try to figure out the disappearance of a client's nanny and get caught up in the salacious happenings of the family. It was fun meeting Callahan and her crew of cleaners. They're...eclectic to say the least and keep me laughing. It was a great introduction to the series.
To Live and Die in Dixie (Book 2)-- 3.5 stars
The cover on this one was just adorable! So Callahan and her ladies kinda find a dead body while cleaning a house. Ergs! The mystery well done and kept me curious and guessing. While Callahan and I didn't agree over a few of her actions I did enjoy the story and spending time with her crazy crew and potential love interest who is just a good guy and kinda yummy.  There were some real life issues like eating disorders and cancer scares that add an interesting element to the story and make the characters seem more real.
Homemade Sin (Book 3)-- 3.5 stars
Things got a little dark with Homemade Sin-- Callahan's cousin is killed in front of her young son in an apparent car jacking and when things don't add up Callahan starts investigating. It was fairly easy to figure things out but fun piecing together clues with Callahan. I did loved her fierce determination to see things solved even in the face of her family being upset with her over looking into things. (they...ticked me off something fierce!)

Hillary Huber was a new to me narrator and I synced up with her narration easier than any other I've tried so far. I finished listening to each of these in about 2 days which is really fast for me when it comes to audiobooks. The narration was just fantastic. Easy to fall in to, excellent distinction between characters, the male voices were nicely done, pacing was great. I have no complaints at all with the narration. I've already put a hold on the rest of the audiobooks at the library :)

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