Thursday, June 8, 2017

4 stars-- Kidnapped Cowboy (Captured Hearts #1) by Lindsey Brookes

 My friend Kelly sent me the audio for Kidnapped Cowboy back last year and I just loved it! But then I forgot to write a review *hangs head* so I decided to do a re-listen just for the heck of it because, really, cowboys! And it was just as fun the second go-round :)

Soooo basically the Caitlin done kidnapped herself a cowboy. Yeah, in a crazy desperate moment she decided to kidnap her boss. He's been wanting to sell the camp for trouble teens that she runs and she's just got to convince him to change his mind. Buuuuuut she snags his brother-- the rodeo star-- instead. *blunder*

Things start off a bit madcap and silly--the wrong brother, handcuffs sans key, a freak snow storm. If it could go did. But in such a fun way! I loved these two and that they soon formed a bit of a team--even if reluctantly so-- to try and save the camp. They have one summer and group of troubled teens to help convince his grouch of a brother to abandon sale plans. I loved seeing them get to know each other. Seeing attraction and friendship blossom. Seeing them work with the kids and form bonds and connections. It was just a fun easy read that left me smiling.

Was excellent. This was my first time listening to Kaleo Griffith and I liked him. He did a great job with the male voices and I adjusted to the female voices quickly enough. He brought out the fun, sassy quality to the storyline and the steamy scenes were pretty nice, too. I'd listen to him again for sure. 

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