Friday, June 30, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- June -- Dear God. The Humidity.

Yall. I hate the summer. If I get snappy it's because I hate the summer.
I fucking HATE the summer. And I live in the South so it's 100 past damn miserable with the humidity. *flails*
Okay that's outta my system for now. Maybe. lol

So, June. Busy month.
*my graphics are wonky today. Photobucket decided I needed to change to a paid plan. So finding a new host today (if you know any!) and working on that. Until then sorry you get some ugly side graphics. lol
  • I hosted two events. Get Social (wrap up) and Blog Ahead. I got a bit behind on commenting the last two weeks (sorry! catching up tonight) but I freaking ROCKED Blog Ahead with all of today to do a few more.
  • I went from 21 scheduled posts to 56 scheduled posts.  
⮞ July-- 33 completed (12 reviews) 4 left to go
⮞ Aug-- 14 completed (9 reviews)
⮞ Sept-- 5 completed (2 reviews)
⮞ Oct-- 1 review completed
⮞ Nov-- 1 completed
⮞ Dec-- 2 completed (1 review)
  • I'm still really limiting review copies while I catch up on old ones and man it feels pretty good!
  • I've got my Netgalley to 93% and only 24 books left. Woots! They're almost all from pre-2015 (blogger shame!)
  • Silent Book Club happened! Which was fun. We met up and just read at a local lake. Hoping to do that once a month. If you're around Cary, NC and want to join let me know!

  • The herd mice. Yall they are fucking fast. I had to get them all separated into boy vs girl tanks and it took so many hours. So. Many. Hours. 
  • I only have 60ish days until I'm 35. Yall. That's just mean! I'm trying to get the house clean and in order and projects done before my birthday. 
  • Calming collars might be the most amazing thing ever. I call them their 'don't be an asshole' collars. Three of the girls now wear them and no fights! Without the collars we have like 8 throw down fights a day. 
  • NoSpendJune was a HUGE success. I'll have a post up Saturday about it!
I think that's about it for June. On to July! If you missed a post this month you can find them below :)


It's almost here! (July 26-30)
This benefits the USO where I volunteer
Donate an item to the event please go HERE.

I think Get Social was the only "new" thing.
This was an event to help connect bloggers.
I'm planning on doing another one in November. 

Sign up HERE to get event notifications for the next one!

I have a lot of 3.5 star reviews this month. I read them over a long period of time and they just all happened to post the same month. lol Overall I enjoyed all of them.

Total Reviews: 14
New to Me Authors: 3
Favorite Read: Down Home Cowboy
Towards Challenges: 14
Audiobooks: 4




These were all really good!
I'm trying to post "healthier" recipes than I used to.
It's been fun trying new things but man it makes me laugh to see the responses now vs when it was mostly desserts and cheesy goodness.
Yall are some anti-vegetable folks. Ha!

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