Wednesday, June 28, 2017

InstaWednesday: Managed a couple pics somehow. lol

I'm shaking my head over here. Of course the month I opt to host an Instagram challenge I go through...Instagram block. I just haven't felt like doing photos this month so hardly any lettering or posting. But a few still from the past 2 weeks even though half only posted to FB. lol

When you're like 'human...I am done with Monday. It's time for sleeps.'

I did so much peopling this past week I decided other than the grocery store and silent book club 📕 I am NOT leaving the house. lol

Still a lot to get done around the house. Plus Blog Ahead happening and one of my authors has a release this week 📚📖 so there will be a lot of work on that front but I think I'm ready. :) Oh and bribing myself. With money. lol I'm going to keep on with this no spend thing next month. With the clause that I can earn spending money if I get shit done each week. 💰💰

Got to the Triangle Shooting Academy WAY early for my class so sitting in the café having a drink and doing some lettering practice while I wait.

Feeling a little badass. Not too shabby for only my 2nd time shooting (first time was 15 years ago)

Some days you have Gnocchi w/ Roasted Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts & Browned Butter Sauce for dinner. #adultingwin

Other days you have veggie hot dogs on a hamburger bun. And call it done. #adultingishard — feeling amused.

So. I didn't take this pic. My mama did and sent it to me but she's too cute not to share. This is my grandmom. She's turning 88 tomorrow (Thursday).

Yes, the baby mice. It was time for separations. It was...not easy.

He's about the size of my thumb.

Underview! lol

Some freebies that arrived this past week.

More grocery store freebies plus two (cereal and Edge from the companies)

Getting ready for the week!

I'm taking it easy this week. June has been super busy and I'm exhausted. So a light week other than the USO and working around the house and blog.🏠📚💻

A wee #shelfie and random drink. lol #selfie #SassyReader
(this is the end shelf in my room. Eventually the whole wall will be a bookcase.)

Love Rachel Caine! And the covers for this series. Just gorgeous!

If you do a photo post on your blog, FB, etc feel free to link yourself in :)

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