Wednesday, February 21, 2018

InstaWed-- Noms & Kittehs

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

It's been a busy few weeks. Weather has been icky so we've spent a lot of time inside reading Yes. There have been happy noms! Oh and bujoing. There was lots of bujoing. lol

She needed her beauty sleeps.


All the noms. I put my couponing to us. Homemade veggie pizza, peach dump cake and a baked ziti.

Getting ready for February! #newmonth
Decided to try another habit tracker

A different sort of layout.

My view when I move the Kindle that props on my thumb. This girl. Gotta be involved in EVERYTHING. lol #catmom #mycatreadssmut

She's really rather done with winter and the air that hurts her whiskers. lol
(it's been warming up so she's much happier)

Working on my Feb blog schedule (it's filled in since then lol)

So yummy. Sauted cabbage and garlic over pasta with toasted bread crumbs. Noms! Cost 93 cents for the cabbage. Bread crumbs, garlic and pasta were free from couponing.

And sometimes in one stunningly talented moment you become your mother and forget your purse somewhere and have to go back to the airport. Thanks for passing that along, mom. lol

Do we hafta mornin?!

Cheesy brussels sprouts with "bacon" were a win! Noms!

Look how gorgeous this book from Linda Broday is! She always has such lovely covers and the romances are swoon-worthy. I've really been enjoying this one. You should totally snag The Cowboy Who Came Calling. Have any of y'all read Broday?

Okay, Human. It's time we reads. BabyG is loving this one from Broday. There are kittehs, people. There are kittehs. Kittehs in dresses, no less. *nods*

Now, Human. I need my noms.

Valentine's prep! Noms!
(also they were free with couponing)

I wouldn't let her on the bed with poopy paws and washed them for her and now she pouts. There was a lot of screaming, y'all. My girl may be tiny but she's got some lungs on her. #OutragedFeline #HowCouldYou

When you go awwww look at them snuggling on Valentines Day and your next thought is holy hell when she wakes up and realized she's being touched by other...cats.

I had some happy book mail this week! Have y'all read Linda Howard? I've not yet so I'm curious about it.

Vegan meatloaf was a win. Oh my gosh. So yummy!

She's too lazy to hold her own head up. Uses my hand while I'm reading. lol

When the power comes back on and you're all omg cook all the food!!! Best way to warm up the house fast. Couscous with rainbow chard and balsamic reduction. Sauted asparagus and some veggie chicken strips. Noms!

Human, get up!
No Human. We need naps!

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