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[QuoteTastic] 3 stars-- Test Drive (Body Shop Bad Boys #1) by Marie Harte

I do love when books have good solid friendships included. This was the heroine and her best friend having a little boy chat. Had me smirking...

Oh. Hero is a mechanic.

"Bring your worlds together and see how Johnny handles it."

"My worlds?"

"Have him meet the folks. Have lunch with him at the hospital one day. Let him see the other parts of your life before you get in too deep with him. If he passes the test drive portion of the relationship, then you think about leasing or buying, always with an option to trade him in at a later date."

"You do realize we're talking about a man and not a car, right?"

"Sorry. I just thought it tied in nicely with him being a mechanic and all."

Rena smiled, her golden eyes glowing with mischief. "And you did like riding him, if I recall."

"Okay, no more bad puns for you."

"How big was his stick shift? Or was he all manual and smooth and--"

Rena shrieked when Lara hit her in the face with a pillow. Then the girl hit back, and they laughed and mock fought until the pizza arrived.

Sexy mechanic with a charming smile, heart of gold and a naughty side? Yes, please! 
The Gist: Johnny has had a thing for Lara for years and she's not given the playboy the time of day. Nope. Sure hasn't. But when he comes to her rescue and shows another side of himself she's left begging him to ask her out one more time.
Okay so Lara and Johnny. They're pretty great characters most of the time. Both gun shy about romance and worried about getting hurt. Both dedicated to their work-- he's a mechanic and she's in nursing school-- and devoted to their friends and family. They're both good people and easy to like. And great as a couple. They have so many things in common and really have a way of making the other more well rounded just by being together. And whew boy can they heat things up! Yeah, these two are rocking a set of sheets and it was delicious. I loved watching them challenge one another, too. They just lit up in each others presence and it was fun watching them constantly surprise one another. 

Now why the three. Because it also made me growly. I started this one three times over the past year and promptly put it back down. Ergs!
  • The beginning was a struggle. Talk about a LOT of characters or names in the first chapter. It was a huge info dump that had my head spinning. I swear it felt like a good 20 characters were introduced. 
  • And the end. I absolutely loathe it when the heroine is an out of line bitch and hurts the hero and then the HERO winds up apologizing like he was the one being an asshole. Lara really needed to own up to some of the hurtful things she said in his direction (with no reason other than she got sloshed at a party) instead of playing the wounded party. 
Overall, I liked Test Drive, really. The middle part and watching the two spar off and start falling in love was wonderful. Sweet, sexy, a little silly now and again. Just a good time. But the first couple chapters and last couple chapters were such a struggle for me, unfortunately. Take those away and this was a solid four. 
Johnny Devlin's a charmer with a checkered past. He has had his eye on scorching-hot bartender Lara Valley for ages, but she's rejected him more than once. That doesn't mean he won't come to her aid when some dirtbag mauls her. When she asks him on a date as a no-strings-attached thank you, he can't say no.

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